Microsoft is bringing special AI to make Word accessible to the visually impaired

Microsoft will implement the plan with Azure AI (artificial intelligence). The AI ​​can be an image according to Microsoft ‘describe just as well as a person’. For example, a team of researchers within Microsoft has built an AI that can describe captions of images very accurately. With this change, Microsoft hopes to make the word processing program Word accessible to even more people.

Currently the system only internally tested and it is expected that it will be rolled out to Microsoft Word, but also Outlook and Powerpoint at the end of this year.

Will it work?

In the past there were already different AI systems that could achieve the same, but this often did not work very well. We have not yet been able to test it at XGN, but if we are to believe Microsoft, the system should now be considerably improved. For the visually impaired among us, it would of course be nice if this actually works well, so that this group can function better with the programs.

Times are tough, especially for the visually impaired

If the new AI works, it is a windfall for many visually impaired people that they can use well. The corona virus affects almost all of us, but for this group it is often a lot more difficult. Recently there was a lot of shared call with the cry for help that visually impaired people now literally and figuratively end up in a black hole.

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