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They should also do something about the start menu. I don’t want to be a whiner here, but I can’t imagine I’m the only one having a hard time with that. Why are those words ‘Pinned’ and ‘Recommended’ there? Ugly, disfiguring and unnecessary! And unfortunately they cannot be removed. I don’t work with the option ‘last opened files’ and now I am left with a half empty start menu that cannot be changed. Why not for heaven’s sake? The ‘pinned’ icons have subtitles and they cannot be removed in any way. Why this double hassle? Icons were meant to replace names, right? If you then also apply scaling or change the font size, there are suddenly a few letters with dotted lines under each icon because it no longer fits. What kind of amateur tinkering is this? Not to mention the garbled taskbar. Can’t move anymore, I can no longer add a folder of my preference (eg having the download folder on the language bar is very handy) and the right-click function has been shortened to just one link. And what am I supposed to do with that two-step context menu? First a refreshed context menu, then click further to get to the old context menu (with a completely different look and font size) and sometimes you have to click again to get further. Is this the innovation? A lot of clean pretense with a frosted look, but really it’s just a mess!
And the system font? Yes, I admit: tastes differ, but the Segoe font used is sometimes barely legible for me (certainly in all the ‘thin’ variants used). I prefer to use the Bahnschrift font. But in Windows 11 that is just more limited and much remains the same (for whatever reason).
And a few clicks away you’ll find the exact same old junk from all previous versions: Internet Explorer, Mediaplayer, Photoviewer (?!), Windows 7 era system sounds, Controlpanel, Devicemanager, Computermanager, Groups Policy Editor and you name it. Really everything is the same. Nothing else has been given any attention by Microsoft so far. Alright then: the icons in imageres.dll and Shell32.dll have been modernized, but otherwise Windows 11 is currently nothing more than a new (but uncomfortable) coat to hide old clothes.

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If all this doesn’t change, I’ll say ‘no’ to Windows 11 definitively and I’ll stick with Windows 10 until the last possible day. But that is also forced because Linux systems (in my case Manjaro) can’t handle Microsoft Office so well, because otherwise I would have left Windows behind me long ago.

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