Microsoft presents Project Scarlett, the successor console of the Xbox


Microsoft has announced this Sunday a new video game console that will be called Project Scarlett and will hit the stores at Christmas 2020.

At the E3 show, the US mecha of the game in which Sony Playstation does not participate this year, Xbox's head, Phil Spencer, assured that Project Scarlett is "the most powerful console" and with "higher" performance than ever. designed in the American company, which already took its first steps in the market with Xbox (2000) and its various versions, including the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One.

The new machine will support a resolution of 8K, the new standard of the television industry, with refresh rate of 120 Hz and a new graphics processor based on architecture AMD Zen 2 Radeon RDNA. It will not have a hard drive but SDD memory, which will also be used as virtual memory of the console. With this Microsoft explains that it intends to make games that load very fast despite the volume of the graph and with little latency in online games.

Between the games that will accompany the launching is Halo Infinite, a new delivery of the most emblematic game of the Xbox and that continues being exclusive of Microsoft.

The E3 2019 fair opens its doors this Tuesday at the Los Angeles Convention Center until next Thursday. Sony Playstation had announced its Playstation 5 supposedly for next year, also with 8K, which will again animate the race for the new machines.

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