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Microsoft has announced which 150 games can be streamed to Android with the Game Pass Ultimate subscription. The feature to stream games to mobile devices will be available from Tuesday. Minecraft Dungeons gets touch controls.

Once the streaming feature is available, there are 150 games to play, Microsoft reports. These are recent titles from our own studios, such as Tell Me Why, Grounded and Forza Horizon 4, but also games from other publishers, such as Untitled Goose Game and Destiny 2. The range of games that can be streamed will vary over the course of time. of the time, as with the regular offerings on Game Pass, Microsoft said.

Most games must be played with a controller. This can be done, for example, by connecting an Xbox controller to an Android smartphone via Bluetooth. Microsoft also wants to provide games with touch controls and has started in Minecraft Dungeons. That game will be available to stream from Tuesday, including touch controls.

Microsoft has previously demonstrated touch controls for Gears 5, and beta testers were already able to play Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice via streaming with touch controls. Microsoft will probably add touch controls in the near future as an option for more games, but the company does not provide concrete details about this.

Selected games from EA Play will also be available for cloud gaming later this year. Microsoft announced last week that the EA Play subscription becomes part from Game Pass Ultimate and Game Pass for PC.

Cloud gaming is only available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. That subscription costs 13 euros per month. For now, cloud gaming will remain a beta feature of Game Pass. The service was previously available through a closed beta, under the name Project xCloud. Microsoft never renamed the service. Tweakers published one earlier this year preview of xCloud.

Games can only be streamed to Android devices. Microsoft was planning to release an iOS version of its streaming app, but restrictions from Apple are holding it back. Offer new rules possibly an opening, but Microsoft reacted negatively. According to the company, the rules create a ‘bad experience’.

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Price per month 10 euro 10 euro 13 euro
Pc-games And No And
Consolegames No And And
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Cloudgaming No No And
Xbox Live Gold No No And

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