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Microsoft unveils ‘changed’ media player on developer channel

1 day ago

Microsoft unveils ‘changed’ media player on developer channel

Mark Hachman | PCWorld

Microsoft announced on the 16th (local time) that it is phasing out the Groove Music app in favor of a new version of Windows Media Player.

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Windows Media Player is an app that Windows users have long used to play video and audio files. Microsoft has released a build of Windows 11 that makes a new version of the Media Player available on the Developer Channel of the Windows Insider Program.

The new version of Windows Media Player supports playing both video and music files. Therefore, the Groove Music app is officially ending support. Microsoft discontinued Groove Music Pass, a music streaming and playback service, in 2017, but it was possible to play music files with the Groove Music app. Users who have their music library and playlists stored in the Groove app will need to move them to the Windows Media Player app. Older versions of Media Player can be launched directly from the Windows Tools folder.

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The new version of Windows Media Player is designed to display album images and artist images richly. Album image appears when playing in full screen mode and MIDI mode, and artist image appears together in full screen mode. The method of loading album images has not been disclosed. In older versions, album images were taken from the web.

Users who prefer remix, mashup music, or live performances will expect to support music files stored in OneDrive as well. This feature is not supported by Spotify. “All files in the Music and Videos folders on your PC will automatically appear in your Windows Media Player library,” Microsoft said. You can specify additional folders from which to load content in the app settings.”

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However, the new media player app is known to have some glitches. According to Microsoft, playback stops at network locations, and problems arise when modifying album metadata or classifying content that contains accented characters in certain usage environments. There was also a problem that UI elements were not reflected in user settings.

The official release schedule for the new version of the media player has not been released. The same goes for Windows 10 support. However, as Windows’ core apps debuted in the Windows Insider Program, it is expected to be officially released soon. editor@itworld.co.kr


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