Monday, 10 Dec 2018

Microsoft’s E3 2018 conference reportedly leaked

Having confirmed a different approach to the US show for this year, Microsoft could be a victim of a large-scale leak just weeks from the show.

We announced you recently the official plans of Microsoft for this 2018 edition of the US video game show, but here we learn that an informant we do not know anything at present could hold much information about the content of the press conference organized by the American manufacturer on the spot .

We wish to clarify that it is impossible to know if this is a fake organized by a fan to occupy his lost hours or a real leak but we share with you the potential program in order to get your feedback on it and see if Microsoft is moving in the right direction if the information were confirmed in the future.

Unsurprisingly, the builder should offer a press conference of about two hours and open the ball with Forza Horizon 4 that the rumors confirmed a few days ago now. The latter would propose a 4K resolution in 30 FPS on Xbox One X and we will propose a trip to Japan . The press conference would be an opportunity to enjoy an excerpt of gameplay and a first trailer announcing a release for the fall of 2018.

Then Bethesda would be at the party with the famous Starfield who has been talking so much about him for some time. We will discover that it’s actually an Open World Sci Fi RPG coming out during the end of the year holidays . A demo would be proposed and Microsoft would formalize the marketing agreement around the game to include the Xbox logo in all future ads.

After taking full eyes, the conference would calm down somewhat with the announcement of ScreamRide 2 which would propose a trailer of gameplay confirming an exit for the end of year also. After this game, Microsoft will bring up a ghost of the closet by again evoking a certain Crackdown 3 . To prove to us that the project is not dead, we would have the right to a gameplay video and the first details on the multiplayer beta that should precede the release of the game scheduled for the end of the year .

To continue to seduce players, Microsoft would benefit from a new marketing agreement with Square Enix to put Shadow of the Tomb Raider forward and confirm that as well as the exclusives of the manufacturer, the game will be present in the catalog of Xbox Gamepass. A gameplay demo will be performed live on stage and we should learn more about the title.

Recurring title of the last E3, Sea of ​​Thieves will also be present to present his new content and show that he has not said his last word. The novelties presented during the American show would land in the autumn of the game. Ashen, an Action RPG exclusive to the console of Microsoft, will make a small stint on stage to unveil a video gameplay and confirm that it should respond to the occasion of the end of the year holidays.

The Last Night that we had seen last year during a video released by Microsoft at E3 2017 will extend the parenthesis dedicated to independent games with a video gameplay and release date also set for the end of the current year. Also in this interlude dedicated to the undes, Below will also reveal a short sequence of gameplay before evoking a release for Christmas.

Once this quiet moment passed, Microsoft will try to seduce the US players with a presentation in due form of the next opus of the franchise Madden . The game that should be released next fall will also benefit from a marketing agreement in favor of the Xbox One and we will put many eyes on it with a pre-recorded gameplay video.

Minecraft will remember our fond memories and tickle the fans with the announcement of new content scheduled for next fall as well. Battlefield V will wake the crowd with a gameplay video confirming that Electronic Arts and Microsoft are walking hand in hand again at the level of trade agreements.

Metro Exodus will perform a gameplay demo on stage to tape everyone as was the case last year and will disappear to leave room for a surprise expected by many fans, Banjo-Kazooie Anniversary . The title of which we still have to discover would be available in the course of next autumn and would be approached via a gameplay video.

After all these titles planned for 2018, Microsoft would be interested in the future with announcements for 2019 and the years to come. Borderlands 3 would be the first to be talked about with a release scheduled for spring 2019. The game that has also benefited from a marketing agreement will directly integrate the Xbox Gamepass service and we will unveil a few minutes of gameplay.

Ori fans will be thrilled with the arrival of Ori and the Will of the Wisps also scheduled for spring 2019. A first gameplay video would be presented at the press conference before giving way to Electric Madness, a fun racing game which will make us want with a first video that will also confirm its appearance in the Xbox Gamepass next spring.

In the process we should hear our editor Rainbow Twix crying all the tears of his body at the announcement of a small independent game called Splinter Cell . This last should be a reboot of the saga and take place in an Open World , all would not be available until autumn 2019. The game would benefit from a marketing agreement that makes mention of exclusivities vis-à-vis the Microsoft console, but it is impossible to know if it is DLC like Call of Duty or if the American giant remakes us the shot of the temporary excluded at the Tomb Raider .

Anthem will talk about him again with a live gameplay demo and a release for fall 2019 will be on the agenda. Halo: Genesis will shake the walls of the conference and will announce some novelties for regulars of the franchise. The game would be a Reboot including a splitted screen concept, a new graphics engine, Warzone 2.0 and a multiplayer beta for 2018 . The game should not point the tip of his weapon before 2019 without further clarification on the subject for the moment.

Cyberpunk 2077 would confirm an exit window for 2019/2020 via a short teaser that will allow us to understand that the game benefits from an agreement with Microsoft. To conclude the conference, Joanna Dark a third person action game with the heroine of the cult game Nintendo 64 Perfect Dark, will be briefly evoked via a short teaser pointing towards the end of 2019.

In addition to all these games that have something to mouth water, Microsoft is expected to announce a new Elite controller, a redesign of its success system, and new colors for the X version of his machine. As you can see, fans of Fable, Gears of War or Halo Wars will have to go their way this year.

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