Middle East – Syria denounces Israeli missile fire near Damascus

Syrian air defense has been activated and “shot down most” of missiles blamed on Israel, according to Syrian news agency Sana

Nighttime missile fire blamed on Israel targeted “targets” around Damascus, the Syrian capital, the Syrian news agency Sana reported on Monday, adding that anti-aircraft defense had been activated to counter the “aggression”.

Since the outbreak of war in its neighbor Syrian in 2011, the Hebrew state has carried out hundreds of strikes there against positions of Syrian power and its allies, Iranian troops and Lebanese Hezbollah forces.

Shortly after midnight, “the Israeli enemy carried out an aggression with bursts of missiles (fired) from the occupied Syrian Golan and the Galilee,” Sana reported, citing a military source. These bombings were aimed “at targets around Damascus”, adds the same source without further details, specifying that the Syrian air defense was activated and “shot down most” of the missiles.

57 dead in January in shooting

In early February, Syria accused Israel of firing missiles into the south of its territory. As of mid-January already, at least 57 pre-regime soldiers and fighters had been killed in raids targeting Deir Ezzor province in far eastern Syria, the deadliest attack ever carried out by the Jewish state in a Syria at war, according to an NGO, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH).

Israel regularly declares that it will not allow Syria to become the foothold of Iranian forces. Triggered in March 2011 by the bloody repression of pro-democracy demonstrations, the war in Syria has grown in complexity over the years with the involvement of foreign powers and an increase in armed factions. It has killed over 387,000 people and displaced millions of people.

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