Migration and visas: these are the requirements to obtain the Green Card in 2022

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He U.S. government announced that the Diversity Visa Program for 2022 (DV-2022), also know as Immigrant Visa Lottery, in which they will be delivered 55,000 residence cards for foreigners, with which you can have access to the benefit of work legally in that country.

On this occasion, the authorities reported, application for the so-called Green Card, it will have to be done electronically. This process started from the Last October 7 and will be available until November 10 of this year.

Importantly, participants can be disqualified by not completing the registration form correctly the by submit more than one entry. Other reason for disqualification is that the provisions related to photographs are not complied with, which must be clear and in color, in order that reproduce skin tones accurately.

Also, these files must be sent with a square aspect ratio. Its dimensions Minimum acceptable are 600 x 600 pixels, while the maximum is 1200 x 1200. In addition, the image must be in jpeg file and must be less than or equal to 240 kB (kilobytes). In this link you can know the requirements deeper.

(Photo: File)
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The requirements that a person must meet to access these visas are related to education and work experience. On the one hand, the person must check 12 full and satisfactory years of primary and secondary education, or its equivalent. On the other hand, it must also show at least two completed years of work experience within the last five years in an eligible occupation.

The fact that people do not have a negative history, have not had any kind of migratory problemor, do not present grounds of inadmissibility and have your valid passport.

Another relevant element is that must be a citizen of an eligible country. For a person to participate, there must be no More than 50,000 people emigrated from their nation to the United States in the past five years. Among the countries ruled out for this process are China, United Kingdom, Brazil, Colombia, Canada and Mexico, among others. Here you can see the full list.

An important element that must be taken into account is that the person has to save the confirmation number that the portal issues after completing the form, because with this document you can give follow up on your visa request through the website of the Office of Consular Affairs of the US Department of State.

Last year almost 7,000,000 applications were received.  (Photo: EFE)
Last year almost 7,000,000 applications were received. (Photo: EFE)

Additionally, candidates must also include their spouses and minor children in the visa application, because although these do not migrate at the same time as the owner of the registry, they also could benefit from this document.

According to data from the US Department, last year received about 7,000,000 requests from various parts of the world. This figure represented a decrease of almost 50% compared to last year, due to the requirement that requires a valid passport.

On the other hand, the United States announced new restrictions to the work visas widely used in the high tech sector. This measure targets the H-1B visas granted each year to 85,000 employees “Qualified and specialized”including engineers, data specialists, or developers hired by companies from Silicon Valley.

This program sought to alleviate the shortage in the labor market “But it went further and often in detriment of American workers”, Said the Department of Homeland Security in a statement, as nearly half a million Americans were penalized by that regime, which also caused a wage stagnation in some sectorssaid the note.


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