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Miguel Cabrera reached 3,000 hits in his Major League career

Detroit Tigers star Miguel Cabrera had the 3,000th hit of his major league career during Saturday afternoon’s game against the Colorado Rockies at Detroit’s Comerica Park.

Cabrera, as designated batsman and third in the batting order, achieved the feat with one against his compatriot Antonio Senzatela. Cabrera received hits in his 2,600th game, averaging nearly 190 hits per 162 games during his 20-season career.

Cabrera becomes the first Venezuelan, seventh Latin American with 33 players and three thousand hits in the history of the American Major League (MLB).

The designated Tigers hit Dominicans Albert Pujols, Adrián Beltré and Alex Rodríguez; Panaman Rod Carew, Cuban Rafael Palmeiro and Puerto Rican Roberto Clemente, in the Latin American group.

Only two other players reached the mark with a Tigers uniform: Ty Cobb on August 19, 1921 and Al Kaline on September 24, 1974. The first MLB player to gather three thousand wireless players was Cap Anson on September 18, 1897. , while Pujols, on May 4, 2018, was the last.

Cabrera, who turned 39 in April, is an 11-time All-Star with two MVP awards and the last major league hit Triple Crown in more than half a century. On August 22 last year, he entered the circle of 28 sluggers who hit 500 or more running home runs.

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Cabrera is only the seventh hitter with 500 homers and three thousand hits. Others are Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Eddie Murray, Palmeiro, Pujols and A-Rod.

Reaching 3,000 hits is almost a guarantee to be entered into the Hall of Fame. Of the 33 players who reached the milestone, only six were not in the Hall, and three (Pete Rose, Rafael Palmeiro and Rodríguez) came out for rule violations, one still active (Pujols) and the other two (Ichiro Suzuki). and Beltré) are not yet eligible but have very strong cases once they arrive. Of all the active players, one has more than 2,500 hits: Robinson Canó, who now has 2,630.

Colorado pitchers have been among the most abused by Cabrera in his career. The Venezuelan has 66 hits and averaged more than .400 in 45 games against the Rockies since his debut with the Miami Marlins on June 20, 2003. Cleveland Guardians (266), Kansas City Royals (257) and Minnesota Twins (252). , which is Detroit’s division rival, received more hits from the right hitter.

Miami and Detroit, the franchise where Cabrera has spanned two decades of his career, were the least hit, with 15 and five hits allowed, respectively.

Here is the list of all MLB Cabrera players to join, along with their total hits.

1. Pete Rose (4,256)
2. Ty Cobb (4,189)
3. Hank Aaron (3,771)
4. Stan Musical (3,630)
5. Sad Speaker (3,514)
6. Derek Jeter (3,465)
7. Cape Anson (3,435)
8. Honus Wagner (3,420)
9. Carl Yastrzemski (3,149)
10. Paul Molitor (3,319)
11. Eddie Collins (3,315)
12. Albert Pujols (3,308)
13. Willie Mays (3,293)
14. Eddie Murray (3,255)
15. Nap Lajoie (3,243)
16. Cal Ripken Jr. (3184)
17. Adrian Beltré (3,166)
18. George Brett (3,154)
19. Paul Waner (3,152)
20. Robin Yount (3,142)
21. Tony Gwynn (3,141)
22. Alex Rodriguez (3,155)
23. Dave Winfield (3,110)
24. Ichiro Suzuki (3,089)
25. Craig Biggio (3,060)
26. Rickey Henderson (3,055)
27. Rod Carew (3,053)
28. Lou Brock (3,023)
29. Rafael Palmeiro (3,020)
30. Wade Boggs (3,010)
31. Al Kaline (3,007)
32. Roberto Clemente (3,000)
33. Miguel Cabrera (3,000)

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