Miguel Durán Jr did not survive the attacks of Covid-19

The departure at dawn this Wednesday of singer-songwriter and accordionist of sabanera music Miguel Duran Jr he mourns the folklore.

On AM and FM stations in Sincelejo, city ​​in which he had settled for many years, Their hits have not stopped playing in homage to the eldest of Pollo Caucano’s sons.

His death was the product of Covid-19, this was made known by the Social Health Clinic through a statement in which it expresses that “Miguel Durán Jr did not survive the attacks of the deadly virus.”

They specify that the artist re-entered the healthcare center 50 days after having done so for the first time, and this time he did it with a “picture of respiratory failure severe as a consequence of the pandemic virus and serious physical deterioration due to underlying diseases, being cared for by a multidisciplinary team of specialists ”.

And despite the effort, dedication and dedication of the entire team of workers and doctors at the Miguel Durán Jr Social Health Clinic did not survive the attacks of the deadly virus.

The directors of the SAS Social Health Clinic regretted the sensitive disappearance of the Sabanero artist, At the same time, they extend their condolences to family, friends and followers, whom they invite to protect the legacy of the Sabanero accordion player, remembering him for being an integral musician and a humble, simple and unbeatable human being.

“Peace on the tomb of a great of the Sabana folklore, Miguel Durán Jr qepd; our solidarity and fraternal embrace for the extensive family of musicians and artists in the region ”, concludes the statement from the clinic.

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Despite the fact that the clinic where the artist died claims that his death is related to the lethal virus, a brother of this, Jose Luis, had warned days before this he had caught a bacteria.


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