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Up to the sky It begins as a social drama when Ángel (Miguel Herrán) looks at the skyscrapers of Chamartín from his neighborhood and exclaims: “Surely from there we look like ants.” But it becomes a frenetic thriller action (or what was formerly called a americanada) when Ángel turns to organized crime to get to the top. “His ambition is excessive, he doesn’t conform and he always wants more,” explains the actor. “When he steals five million euros, the option of laundering them and losing half is, in his head, a mediocre life. And he realizes that the sky has no limit ”. The paper house already glorified the rebellion of the poor who rob the rich not to overthrow the system, but to place themselves on top of it, and Miguel Herrán has become famous (14 million people follow on Instagram, the population of a medium-sized country) interpreting ants with elephant pretenses. River in The paper house got into a love robbery, Christian in Elite he went where it was necessary for fame. But what does Miguel feel from up there? Among other things, envy of ants.

“I get money from Instagram, obviously, because you’re an asshole if you don’t take advantage of it. Right now, the prime time television has fewer viewers than Ester Exposito’s Instagram “

The story of its origins is too cinematic to be true and too raw to be invented. “I was the typical kid what. He didn’t want to work, he didn’t want to study. Back then I would go out a lot, I would spend many nights out with colleagues, and on one of those we ran into Dani [Guzmán, director de su debut A cambio de nada]. He offered us the film and I told him that it was made for free, my only motivation was to laugh and hesitate to the architect of There is no one living here at three in the morning. I didn’t know what a casting and he hardly understood the word ‘face-to-face’, he remembers. To the first casting He presented himself “with a peach hit” (“it was a dark room in a basement, I thought they were going to rape us”), the second “high”, the third he did not go and the fourth appeared “in a dubious way.” But since Guzmán did not stop giving him opportunities, Herrán decided to take something seriously for the first time in his life. The happy ending is that he ended up winning a Goya at age 19 (which he thanked Guzmán: “You have given me a life, Daniel”) and signing for the two most famous Spanish series in the world.

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Herrán has commented that she would like to tell the life of her mother in a film, because she admires that she never threw in the towel before a son “very bastard, a true son of a bitch” and before a people that rejected her for being a single mother. “If I tell you the things I did before, it would not fit you with the person I am now. She hated life, she hated the world. I had a way of being quite a bitch and at the moment I am afraid to tell it, because I did things that I am not proud of. I would get up, look at myself in the mirror and I didn’t like how he was, or what he did, or how he treated people, or how I treated myself, ”he reveals. This self-destructive character, for which he confesses that he came to think that if he were dead everything would improve, found in the interpretation a motivation to get out of bed in the morning. The self-esteem, however, is still a work in progress: from not wanting to be present, Herrán has gone to not knowing how to be present.

Miguel Herrán wears Prada.

“It is hard for me to be here and now. I am always thinking about what to do next, without enjoying the moment. I do a lot of things throughout the day and I’m not into any. I want to be able to be in this interview without wondering what consequences my answers will have, “he admits,” That’s why I like extreme sports, because in those moments I feel alive. When I am descending a mountain with the bike or the motorcycle I know that if I am not aware of the contact of the wheel with the ground, how I am going to fall or the suspension I am going to get a host. And I do not want to put a host “. That is already a step forward. The other pending issue for Miguel Herrán is managing the vigorexia he suffered in adolescence, when his friends nicknamed him “Conan the Barbarian”, and which still haunts him when he looks in the wrong mirror.

“I have noticed that people think that my life is cock, that I have fucked Ester Expósito and Úrsula Corberó, and that I cannot complain. The money has not made me happy, it has given me more worries”

“Every summer is the talk with my colleagues: how is my body, if I am bigger or more defined. And I always tell them that the sad thing is that they with their belly and their beers are ten times happier with their body than I am, ”he laments. Sometimes you feel like you’ve lost muscle overnight. “It all depends on the head,” he says. And of the light, of course. And of the light! I didn’t want to say it so as not to sound freaky, but I have mirrors in which I am forbidden to look at myself with certain lights because I know I am going to obsess. It is a continuous obsession, because once you start you don’t stop. When I travel by motorcycle I carry a suitcase with weights. And during quarantine I bought myself a TRX, a bench, and more weights. I gained five kilos of muscle, but at the end of the confinement I said ‘fuck it’. I have an obsession, but I’m not an asshole either. There have been times when I have not been able to control it. In The paper house There came a time when if I stooped my monkey would burst. They asked me to stop and I told them it’s okay, but I wouldn’t stop. When they told me that I was older, I replied that it was his perception, ”he confesses.

When the filming of Up to the sky Miguel stopped working out for the first time in a decade. Because his project of being comfortable in his own skin involves getting him to stop caring so much about the approval of others. When last year he published a video on Instagram in which he left crying without saying a word, his fans insisted on rescuing him just as Tokyo rescued him in The paper house. Meanwhile, the media showed a concern that attracted so many clicks as speculations about his emotional state. As if speculation was required. He himself tells it with total peace of mind to anyone who wants to listen to it: “I wanted to show that when nobody sees me I have my problems, I have noticed that people think that my life is cock, that I have fucked Ester Exposito and Úrsula Corberó, and that I cannot complain. Money has not made me happy It has taken away a lot of happiness and has given me more worries than when I didn’t have it. It has made me more ambitious. Money has made me dirty as a person. I do not value it. In the rest I am the same or worse ”, he clarifies.

Actor Miguel Herrán, like the devil, wears Prada.

Actor Miguel Herrán, like the devil, wears Prada.

Money also allows him to choose projects without pressure – doing things without pressure is what Miguel Herrán needs the most right now – which makes him feel lucky because he has seen how other actors his age worked reluctantly because their families exploited them. “I get money from Instagram, obviously, because you’re an asshole if you don’t take advantage of it,” he declares. “Right now, the prime time television has fewer viewers than Ester Exposito’s Instagram. Netflix gave us two iPhones and two cameras to create content while filming [de Élite]” In one of her stories recent, Herrán recorded a paparazzo That I was chasing him so he would know what it feels like.

This constant exposure is implicit in the public image of all the actors of his generation, although sometimes it gets out of hand like on that occasion when Herrán had to interpret a scene with a partner who gave him the reply, outside of camera, while looking at the mobile. “It is a yoke that we put on, needing the acceptance of the more people the better. As I have had moments of becoming addicted and of waking up badly if I did not have the likes that I wanted to have, one day I took it and said, with all the affection of my heart: ‘Come on and screw it up’. My life is my life and I can’t be trying to please everyone. It’s not my job, I don’t like it, I don’t enjoy it ”. And, of course, one of the few things that Miguel Herrán is clear about is that what he most wants is to enjoy himself.

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