Mike kidnaps live reporting dog, runs after journalist; Video goes viral

Video screenshot

LyAudiences witness many unforeseen events while reporting. Defects that happen to the reporter and unexpected events that happen in front of the camera will reach people as well. The video of the dog villain in front of a reporter while giving a live report on TV like this is now going viral.

The incident took place while reporting on the Russian news channel Mir TV. The video shows the reporter’s mic being snatched by the dog. Nadista Sershikuna, a journalist, was giving live information when the dog Mike unexpectedly jumped. The studio presenter ended up reporting that he had lost his connection, not knowing what to do at this point.

The matter went viral after another journalist shared the footage on Twitter. Many reporters have faced similar incidents before. Last month, while reporting the weather from Virginia in the US, the incident where the puppy came to the screen also got a lot of attention. This was while asking locals for information on the icy location. Anna shared the rest of the information with the reporter holding the puppy.


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