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Mike McCarthy is more focused on Ben DiNucci than Andy Dalton

Dak Prescott’s injury took the NFL by surprise. When something like this happens to a franchise quarterback, the rest of the league is in shock. This logically also happened to the Cowboys. However, an addition in free agency gave him a safety net that makes the team still a candidate to win the division.

Having signed Andy Dalton allows you not to panic about a lost season. In 2015, something similar had happened with Tony Romo’s injury, but at that time it was thrown away for the rest of the year. The 4-12 record saw Dallas select fourth in the next draft.

Dalton gives some reassurance that the team should even stay competitive. In a lousy NFC, this could be more than enough to make the playoffs. That is why all eyes will be on the Red Rifle tonight. That his first game is against a difficult opponent will also serve to know how he is.

Although in the week the focus was not entirely on Dalton. At least for Mike McCarthy the story was different. While the new starting quarterback obviously had more practice in order to make a necessary adaptation, he was not the only one who trained with the rest of the first team.

This refers to Ben DiNucci gradually becoming more relevant in training. It’s true that McCarthy was the one who convinced Jerry Jones to pick him in the seventh round of the last draft, but it doesn’t mean he is thinking of placing him immediately. What the head coach is clear about is that the rookie must be ready for any eventuality.

“Andy has a lot of experience in the No. 1 chair. I think this will be a smooth transition for him to get ready and for us to set up the whole offense with him up front. But we have to make sure Ben moves forward in his new role, “McCarthy said of the current situation for quarterbacks.

Everything can change in one play. Last Sunday is not the only example of this. A few weeks ago against the Falcons it was even Dalton who had to enter while they checked Dak for a blow to the head. That happened at the rival 2-yard line, although the then substitute failed to convert. Prescott would come in later to score on the ground.

There is the importance of having a solid substitute. “I’m not as concerned with Andy Dalton’s preparation as Ben DiNucci’s. We have to make sure of N ° 2, that’s where the greatest preparation and change is happening ”, explained the HC. “His opportunity is in front of him, so he must make sure he is ready.”

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