Miki, before Eurovision: "I know I do not have the best voice in Europe, but I get people to enjoy"


Miki has what can be the biggest challenge of her entire career ahead of her. This Saturday will have three minutes to defend "La banda" before the world audience that is the Eurovision Song Contest, and although he confesses that he is not nervous yet, he trusts the staging to collect votes. Although he never imagined himself on such a big stage as the Tel Aviv Expo, together with his dancers and choristers, this year's Spanish proposal is capable of making him stay even small. He has been in Tel Aviv for a week now, and the tiredness shows in his eyes after having an intense promotional agenda, but that does not take away the permanent smile on his face.

Q – What feelings do you have now that the final is approaching?

They are quite good, we are working a lot. Fokas (Evangeline) has designed us a staging to hallucinate, and what we want is to arrive on Saturday and be able to demonstrate everything we have been working on.

Q – Have you changed the concept you thought in Madrid regarding what we will see on Saturday?

From the first day of Madrid to now there have been changes, although not many. The structure was, Paco (the giant puppet) was, the colors, the idea. Perhaps yes that some small movement or gesture to camera, but it is still the same essence.

Q – After the semifinals, do you have any idea of ​​what might happen on Saturday?

Now I do not, now I have no idea because for me Eliot (Belgium) starred in one of the best performances that there was, for example, in the first semifinal, and that did not happen I dismantled all the schemes I had for Eurovision. Each jury votes to their liking, it is clear.

Q – Do you think that participating directly in the Eurovision final can reduce your visibility with respect to the rest?

I think visibility is not, what I would like is to win to go to the final. I would like to be able to fight to be there and not to belong to the Big Five to go directly to her, to be on equal terms with everyone. But somehow, we are lucky and we are in the final directly, although winning it would also be good.

Q – How have you gotten even the most followers of the festival to be happy with you and your work as a delegation?

In previous years Spain has participated with songs that perhaps did not represent very well the whole country. We go with a song that is totally Mediterranean: happiness, joy, the biggest festival, the Balkan rhythms, everything is put in the song. That, along with Television Spain has worked a lot with the staging, with all the media and the propaganda we are doing, has made the eurofan say, "look, finally, all this is working well"

Q – How would you rate your proposal from the outside?

I see myself as a competitor who maybe does not have the best voice in Europe, and I know it perfectly, but I think that on stage I can see everything I enjoy and what I like, and see people enjoy with me and jump and sing. It is a feedback. I see myself as an "artist" who feeds back from the audience. I take his energy and transmit it singing.

Q – Did you ever imagine yourself on a stage as big as the one you have set up for Eurovision?

In life, never. Whenever I watched Eurovision, I thought: "There are only the best artists from each country", and look, it turns out that those who are not the best can also come.

Q – Will Tel Aviv Adrà Salas (La Pegatina), the composer of the song, be awarded in case it is awarded?

He has millions of commitments, so he will not come, but every day we talk and he asks me how things are going, like Alfred, like Amaia or the 18 contestants of "Operación Triunfo". I feel very supported by everyone.

Q – What does your composer think about the final version of "La Venda"?

He loves it He keeps telling me "uncle, we win". And I say, well, we'll see. There is less left to know what happens in the end. (tagsToTranslate) miki (t) interview


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