Miki puts all the eurofans on their feet


To finally be the victory for Holland? What happens if it arrives to rise with the glass microphone Australia ?, in what position will Spain be? This night reveals the unknowns that keep the eurofans in suspense. That starts the music!

Miki takes off the bandage!

Spain closes the festival without a doubt with the song that made the public of Expo Tel Aviv move the most. He made dance, jump, was much more than correct in his performance and you can hardly put a bump on the Catalan, whose voice was impeccable. That's right, to see in a plane a man move that kind of puppet (which has a name, Paco), did not help at all to the global image of the song. But that the party was mounted is more than clear; especially when he joined the attendees to the musical appointment Enter Miki in the top ten?

At 7 meters high

One of the most striking stagings in the history of the festival, singing 7 meters above the ground emulating Gravity 0, which gives its name to the song. You can definitely take Kate Miller-Heidke to get the Crystal Microphone. The song, for tastes. Undoubtedly it has a powerful mouth capacity, but the easy song, easy to digest is not.

And again … Fire

The dej vue it multiplies. The Swiss Luca Hanni also join the Foureira formula with his song She Got Me. Note: the singer shares the stage director with the Cypriot proposal of this year. The seal, of course, is the same.

The trap was brought by Italy

The most urban bet comes from the country of the boot. The Italian Tangana C (which, at times, also reminded Tiziano Ferro), Mahmood, triumphs over the theme Soldi and showed that the festival does not understand musical styles and that all have a place. The public, delivered, joins their already famous two claps in the song.

France can dispute the triumph of the great favorites

Bilal Hassani opted for a very risky proposal with an overweight dancer and another deaf in a song that talks about self-acceptance and self-improvement. We are all kings, we are all queens, with this sentence I concluded the song Roi Hassani. In the last few days it has risen like the foam in the betting houses.

I want to but I can not?

Azerbaijan is still in the top ten in the bookmakers, although it seems difficult to get to the podium. The staging of Chigiz with the song Truth She wanted to be risky, but she stayed in an attempt.

In Eurovisin by the hairs

It is the benjamina of this year. In fact, Zena is only 16 years old, the minimum age to participate in the contest. The topic Like it, very pop, will delight the youngest. The attire is debatable (some other cry too).

A song a thousand times listened

The Estonian proposal does not stand out. In fact, it is from these topics that we seem to have listened a hundred times. Without any of us having moved half a hair. Victor Crone wants his Storm, but it's not enough.

In the Hard Rock Hallelujah line, winner of 2006

If something works, why change it? This is what the components of the theme should have thought Hatrio mun sigra, which in Spanish will be something like hate prevail. In a line similar to Lordi, which won in 2006 with Hard Rock Hallellujah, bookmakers do not rule out a victory. We will see.

United Kingdom, the damn country

Get Michael Rice to take the United Kingdom out of its slump with the song Bigger than Us? The Brexit country has been ten years without getting into the top ten. As if that were not enough, the representative of last year was given a spontaneous performance. I said, bad foot.

The song passed without pain or glory at the Tel Aviv Expo.

The singer of Israel, between sobs

Kobi Marimi finished her performance between tears. Crying after having sung at home, in Tel Aviv. Although it touched the audience, the truth is that his song, home, does not have too many followers. By the way, does it remind you of this topic?

An extravagant and florid aesthetic

The song of Greece, a very extravagant and flowery aesthetic bet, recalls some songs by Pink or Florence and the Machine.

Has the winner already sung?

The favorite of most eurofans. Duncan Laurence has done it again. l and his piano. For many it is the Dutch Pablo Lpez, and the truth is that emotion has not been lacking. The applause almost knocked down the room. Without a doubt an intimate bet that will have to be seen if it finally comes out victorious.

Cyprus recycles the Foureira formula

Eleni Foureira there is only one. The moral winner of the 2018 edition this year has a replica, and in its own country. Now, bookmakers do not grant success to the representative of Cyprus last year. Ms rather the opposite.

Hour of Amaia and Alfred; perdn, from Slovenia

It did not go overly well to the Spanish representatives last year with their formula pulling to the corny. However, Slovenia has traced the idea. By the way, it seems that the one who took the stage was the same Marck Zuckerberg. The most giles of the networks saw it.

Sweden's turn: one of the favorites

One of the favorites next to Australia and the Netherlands, if John Lundvik manages to take the glass microphone home, Sweden draw in victories in Eurovisin with Ireland, which although it has been more than twenty years without winning, has the record with seven victories.

The choristers of the artist, the mammas, make the song, a ten. Tel Aviv vibrates as if in three minutes it had moved to Harlem.

<! –

The voice of Galicia

Macedonia (now North Macedonia)

Now called Macedonia of the North, they open their name at an international event with the song Proud, by Tamara Todevska. A ballad that allows the singer to show off her vocal skills. Share the resource by multiplying the background screens with Russia.

San Marino: the new Pino D'Angi?

The disc touches of the proposal of San Marino, which was the great surprise of the semifinal, remind of topics such as Ma quale idea of Pino D'Angi.

The bet of Denmark, naf

The song of Leonora, with touches naf goes unnoticed by its staging. However, betting houses give you a top 10.

Russia and Spain share the scenario

Miki Nez and Russian representative Sergey Lazerev share an essen- tary. For what we can see so far triumphs for its effect. Some untuned note can ruin the voting with vocal excellence of the singer, his main virtue. Repeat in Eurovisin, where he was already in the appointment of 2016.

Germany fails to attract the public

The Sisters, with their ballad, can not get enough emotion out of the Expo Tel Aviv audience. Germany does not usually reap success at the festival (except last year) and, as they dictate the bets, this year will not be different.

The 80s also have a place in Eurovisin

The Czech Republic brings the eighties rhythms to Eurovisin and gets a lot of applause. Your colorful bet can make Miki lose votes.

The migration crisis, present

Albania is the only country that this year has a song with vindictive overtones, unlike last year, where contestation issues reigned. In this case, the author of the song deals with the great scourge of Europe: the migratory crisis

Twitter is already rubbing his hands

Songs start with Malta

With only 18 years old, the representative of Malta competes with Miki for the style of her song: colorful and cheerful.

Brand-new Eurovisin presenters

Bar Refaeli, Erez Tal, Luci Ayoub and Assi Azar climb to the Tel Aviv Expo. Bar Rafaeli begins by saying that Eurovisin covers more borders than Europe. We started strong

Dana International returns to Eurovision

Dana Internacional, winner of the 1998 edition with her song Diva, returns to sing the great song that they are in all the clubs eleven years later.

The show begins

Julia Varela and Tony Aguilar have begun to broadcast the gala. The scenario, futuristic, welcomes Netta, the brand-new and political winner of the 2018 edition. The parade of flags begins, which will close the Spanish representative.

Rafaeli Bar, master of ceremonies

The model and ex-partner of the actor Leonardo Di Caprio will be one of the four presenters of Eurovisin. The invited artists will give the note of color: from Conchita to Madonna, there will be several singers who will be on stage throughout the night.

We warm up engines

The Expo congress palace in Tel Aviv is about to start a gala full of color that, however, is predicted by the boycott that many groups and citizens join for their celebration in the Israeli city.

Massive support for Miki and Amaia disappeared

Twitter is the official support channel for the Spanish candidate to win Eurovision. Participants from other editions such as Pastora Soler or Miki professors at the academy send him names.

While her partner in the previous edition of Eurovisin (and ex-partner), Alfred Garca, is unburned in praise towards the Catalan, Amaia Romero has continued in the line of silence that began at the gala of OT in which the representative who travels to Tel Aviv. I did not attend the appointment and that did not please many eurofans; although it is public that Navarre is not especially following this contest. We'll have to wait until tonight to see if he dedicates a few words to Miki Nez.

<! –

The voice of Galicia

The importance of 125

All eurofans are pending the number of votes that Spain gets tonight. If it exceeds 125 points earned by Mocedades with You are T The Venda beat the record of points in the history of Spain in Eurovision. However, this does not ensure a dignified position Miki Nez, Since now the jury and the public vote have been separated, the number of potential votes can be doubled.

This year Nieves lvarez will be, for the third year in a row, the visible face of the Spanish scores. In this case, the chosen stage has been the Alhambra of Granada. A platform formed by a score of social, political and union groups of this Andalusian city has shown its disagreement for the instrumentalization of the image and have opted for the boycott of Israel.

Currently, a professional jury of five members in each country and the votes of the public decide the victory. Each part is worth 50% and since 2016 they are announced separately. The jury, which issues its vote one day before each retransmission, registers all the passes and after adding the 5 lists they give their points to the first 10 classified (12 to the first, 10 to the second, 8 to the third and from 7 to 1 to the following). This vote is known the broadcast days and is communicated by a spokesperson of each country (Nieves lvarez to give those of Spain this year). The public, on the other hand, votes once all the songs of each gala are finalized and equally they distribute their points of the 12 to 1. However, to give more emotion, from 2016 the organization adds the votes of all the passes and gives the result at the end of the gala, making the knowledge of the winner more tense. This year, moreover, the organization wanted to add more emotion and the points of the televot, which were previously given from least to most votes of the public, will be distributed according to the votes of the jury. So, the country that receives the fewest points from the professionals, be the first to know the sum of your televot.

The bookmakers have predicted in the last hours a better result for the Catalan than to represent Spain with the song La Venda.

You can follow the musical event starting at 9:00 pm in La 1 de TVE; Julia Varela and Toni Aguilar will comment on it. In La Voz we will do an exhaustive minute to minute where we will analyze all the details.

The triumphant has wanted to remember his peers from the OT academy, his followers and especially his little brother before facing a challenge that has put among the strings to great Spanish singers. How will he do it?

Although we have to wait several hours to see Miki Nez, the Spanish representative in Eurovisin, who acts in the last post, start in Tel Aviv engines. To be the Israeli city the one in charge to welcome this year the edition number 64 of Eurovisintras the victory of the cackling of Nettaen 2018 in Lisbon. Do you know the 26 songs that play the Crystal Microphone? You can listen to them here.


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