Miki will act last in the final of Eurovision 2019

Spain will close the Eurovision Festival 2019. Miki Núñez and her song 'La Venda' will perform in the last position of the contest, number 26, behind Australia. After the second semifinal, the producers of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) have waited until dawn this Friday to announce the order of performances of the final on Saturday (9:00 pm, La 1 de TVE). Malta will be in charge of opening the gala.

The second Eurovision 2019 semifinal, which this Thursday has selected the other ten countries that will perform in the final, has produced few surprises. The representative of the Netherlands, Duncan Laurence, has imposed himself as the favorite to win the coveted crystal microphone according to the main bookmakers. With the theme 'Arcade', a ballad whose lyrics are inspired by the loss of a loved one and in the pursuit of love for life, the Dutchman has created an intimate proposal in which two unique elements stand out on stage: piano and his hands.

The candidate from Sweden, John Lundvik, has once again demonstrated the power of his country in the contest with the song 'Too late for love'. The singer, who won the Melodifestivalen – the Swedish pre-selection -, has opted for a soul theme that includes a dark staging in which shines a gospel chorus formed by four performers. In addition, Lundvik also participates in the music contest as co-author of the song from the UK, 'Bigger than us'.

Another of the favorites of the evening was the Russian Sergey Lazarev, who has been presented again to Eurovision after being in third position in 2016. On this occasion, the country has chosen the song 'Scream' whose scenography directs the Greek Fokas Evangelino, the same person in charge of commanding the artistic direction of Miki's 'La Venda'. For its part, Albania has been one of the few surprises of the night: its representative Jonida Maliqi has sung a song in Albanian entitled 'Ktheju tokës' which addresses in its lyrics the immigration crisis that his country suffered last year.

The representatives of Azerbaijan, Denmark, Northern Macedonia, Malta, Norway and Switzerland, who join the other ten countries of the first semifinal, the 'Big Five' (Germany, Spain, France) have also qualified for the final on Saturday. , Italy and the United Kingdom) and Israel, the host. In contrast, Austria, Armenia, Croatia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova and Romania have been left out.

Madonna confirms her attendance

Despite the rumors of recent days for a lack of economic agreement, EBU and Israeli television Kan have confirmed that Madonna will perform in the final of Eurovision 2019. The 'queen of pop' will perform two songs: the classic 'Like a prayer ', along with a large chorus, and his new single' Future ', which will sing with American rapper Quavo.

Order of actions

1. Malta

2. Albania

3. Czech Republic

4. Germany

5. Russia

6. Denmark

7. San Marino

8. Northern Macedonia

9. Sweden

10. Slovenia

11. Cyprus

12. The Netherlands

13. Greece

14. Israel

15. Norway

16. United Kingdom

17. Iceland

18. Estonia

19. Belarus

20. Azerbaijan

21. France

22. Italy

23. Serbia

24. Switzerland

25. Australia

26. Spain

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