Milik to Roma, Ferrara: “What a deal for Napoli! Do you remember what he did with PSG?”

Liberato Ferrara, a journalist, has published an editorial on the Napoli player, Arek Milik. The Pole will in all probability go to Roma.

The journalist Ferrara freed published an article on Here is what we read: “If Milik really were to go to Roma it would be a really big blow. For Napoli, of course. That he would be able to monetize from the sale of a player expiring his contract, earning a lot of money. At the same time, he would not only get rid of what he is point would be a dead weight. But it would also be able to weaken a direct rival. We will never know what Milik would have become without his damn double knee injury. He started very strong, then he never went back to those levels. “

Ferrara then added: “Milik seems to be afraid of physical contact with the opponent. He does not hold the ball, he does not make the team go up. He does not know how to play with his back to goal. And then he fails in decisive moments. Just think of the Champions League game two years ago in Liverpool. . In injury time he missed a goal in a sensational way. A goal that would have been worth the qualification. And a few weeks earlier, still in the Champions League, another fundamental mistake, even if less striking. We are in Paris, with the Azzurri ahead of PSG, in the injury time. Long pass on him. All he has to do is keep the ball, maybe catch a foul. Instead he loses the ball in an instant, and on the counterattack PSG equalizes. He is a player who is paid even little, but who does not reinforces a direct opponent “.

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