Millionaire Trpišovský in Eden for the next five years! Slavia repulsed Russian and Arab competition

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

Last spring, Trpišovský extended his contract with the Vršovice club until 2021 and, despite interest from abroad, he will extend his engagement even further. So far, according to behind-the-scenes information, he has earned about 900,000 crowns a month. Now he has to take 1.3 million plus a bonus of 100,000 crowns for each point earned. Only the Italian Andrea Stramaccioni had a better contract in the Czech league, who during his unsuccessful work in Sparta allegedly took about three million crowns a month.

The staplers are, of course, grateful to the coach for how much money they make thanks to his success.

“He had offers from Moscow, the Russian League or the Arab world for millions of euros net a month. If he wants to go for the money, we are not sitting here, “emphasizes the head of the club, Jaroslav Tvrdík, after signing the contract.

“We kept a two-year option. However, I personally sign a contract with Jindra for five years. I couldn’t imagine another solution, “he assures.

“We’ve been here two and a quarter quarters of a year, we’ve had a bit of a break. I appreciate that I can continue in Slavia. I didn’t think about anything else, we just had to deal with the situation, because my contract ended in December, “Jindřich Trpišovský responds.

Slavia Prague coach Jindřich Trpišovský and Jaroslav Tvrdík after the match with Sparta in the group for the title as part of the Fortuna League superstructure.

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Vlastimil Vacek, Right

“I often hear around me that we have achieved everything in Slavia and it is time to move on … I don’t think so,” the coach emphasizes before attacking the third title in a row and returning to the basic group of the Champions League.

The club did not disclose the financial details of the new contract, but it is clear that Trpišovský is the best paid coach in the Czech league. “That’s the way it should be. It brings sports success, but also financial results. If it weren’t for Jindra, we wouldn’t have lost Alex Král and Tomáš Souček. Today we have almost a billion crowns for them,” Tvrdík points out.

The coach makes no secret that his offers were literally balanced with gold. “If I was only interested in money, for example a club from Qatar was behind me with a contract directly in Prague … For me, it was primary to stay in Slavia,” Trpišovský assures.


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