Minimum wage goes up. “It means a jump in unemployment”

The minimum wage depends on the region? “Companies would flee to smaller towns”

– If only the demands of employers were accepted, today the minimum wage would be PLN 1,409 – said a representative of trade unions. And he was against the lowest national regionalization.

In his opinion, we are still pale compared to other countries and there is still a lot to improve.

Employers threaten with unemployment

Prof. Jacek Męcina, advisor to the management board of the Lewiatan Confederation, i.e. an organization associating employers. So he stands on the other side of the labor market and this traditional dispute over wages.

It is the companies that will have to find more money for salaries for employees. Let us remind you that apart from the salary itself, there are also premiums, which means that an increase of PLN 200 gross means PLN 240 more costs per one employee.

If we assume that the minimum wage in Poland is received by 1.7 million people (these are the latest estimates), companies will spend PLN 400 million more on salaries and contributions every month. Annually, it is almost PLN 5 billion of additional costs in companies.

– Please remember that we are in very special circumstances – points out Męcina. Of course, this is about the consequences of the coronavirus crisis in companies.

Next year, loans will have to be repaid, for example under the PFR shield. – In addition, an increase in the minimum wage and the issue of full depreciation of mandate contracts announced by the government – lists the expert.

So companies will enter the new year with considerable commitments, and with much higher costs.

– It will be a shock for many companies, especially micro and small ones – he emphasizes.

What does it mean? – We can expect a jump in unemployment at the beginning of next year. In addition, many employers will move to the shadow economy – adds prof. Jacek Męcina.

However, he sees one positive thing about the whole situation. – I am glad that the government has withdrawn from the announced increase to 3,000. PLN. Many companies might simply not survive this, concludes Męcina.


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2800 PLN grossstill no one talks about the fact that with the increase of the national lowest, other wages do not increase, which has led to the flattening of wages for several years


lolWell, inflation is great for us. Let us continue to rob ourselves of savings because yes, higher inflation means less savings.

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