Minimum wage in the majors increases to 570,500

The Major League Baseball minimum wage will increase by $ 7,000, to stand at 570,500 next season.

Under the terms of the collective bargaining agreement between Major League Baseball and the players’ union, the minimum wage was $ 535,000 in 2017, $ 545,000 in 2018 and $ 555,000 in 2019.
In the last two campaigns of the five-year agreement, the increase is calculated based on the variation of the Consumer Price Index for Salaried Employees and Urban Clerical Workers, between October of one year and the same month of the following year.
The figure for October 2020 was announced on November 12 by the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. The salary increase in the majors was confirmed Thursday by the commissioner’s office after contacting the union.
Due to the pandemic, Major League Baseball and the players union agreed to prorate salaries for 2020. This reduced the minimum salary from 563,500 to 208,704.
The minimum wage in the minor leagues for a player who signs his first contract with a major league organization will increase from $ 46,000 to $ 46,600 next season. The minimum salary of the minors for a player who signs his second contract or later would increase from 91,800 to 93,000 dollars.
In February, the majors announced that they would raise minimum wages for minor contracts, from $ 290 to $ 400 a week at rookie and short-term levels; from 290 to 500 in Class A; from 350 to 600 in Double A, and from 502 to 700 in Triple A.


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