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MiniShop outlets in the streets and squares to provide services to our customers

Telecom Egypt announced the start of operating new “mini shop” outlets to provide services to customers in the main streets and public squares in order to facilitate the gentlemen’s customers and provide access to the company’s services easily, under the slogan “before any limit”, and at the same time these new outlets contribute to easing Pressure on key exchanges and major branches, including minimizing contention, to ensure customer safety in light of measures to address the new Corona virus spread.

Engineer Adel Hamed, Managing Director and CEO of Telecom Egypt, said that the company is always keen to be closer to its customers, and that the presence of these new outlets in the main streets and public squares will make it easier for customers to obtain all the products and services of the company without bearing the burden of going to the main sales centers, Pointing out that such a step would have a significant role in reducing crowding in such conditions that the country faces to face the risks of the spread of the Coruna virus.

The first phase includes about 15 “mini shops” distributed in a number of main streets and public squares in the governorates of Greater Cairo, the Delta and Upper Egypt, and the company aims to create 40 new “mini shops” in all governorates before the end of 2020. The new “mini shop” has been designed so that The customer can obtain all the services provided by Telecom Egypt from mobile, internet and landline services, as well as after-sales services by collecting mobile, landline and internet bills at the lowest time and with minimal effort, and the company applies all these precautionary measures applied in the main sales outlets to ensure Customer safety while facing the risks of the Corona virus.

Telecom Egypt: Ports

Telecom Egypt has recently taken a series of steps that ensure the safety of customers and facilitate their access to the company’s services, as the company postponed the payment of the January and April invoices until the middle of next June, and made all electronic payment methods available via the company’s website and MY WE application, or through the portfolio WE Pay, the company also secured the safety of its customers who hesitated at the sales centers by providing well-ventilated external parking spaces and ensuring that there are no customers inside the branch other than those who are dealt with by the sales staff, and to ensure there is a safe distance between customers and service providers.

Telecom Egypt: Ports

Telecom Egypt: Ports

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