Minister asks people to gossip about the neighbor

Justice Minister Kit Malthouse urges people to report to neighbors in case of breach of the new “six-person rule”, writes BBC.

When BBC Radio asked the minister whether to report on a gathering of seven or more in the neighbour’s garden, Malthouse stated:

– It is open for neighbors to do just that. If they are worried and they see that kind of thing, they should definitely think about it, says the minister.

The new rules, which strongly limit gatherings of people indoors and outdoors, apply from today.

In England, the rule of a maximum of six people is absolute, while children under 11 are exempt from the rule in Wales and children under 12 are exempt from the rule in Scotland.

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Fines that sting

People risk fines of up to 3200 pounds, or 37,000 Norwegian kroner, if they do not comply with the new rules, writes Sky News.

On Sunday, 3,330 new cases of coronavirus infection were registered in the UK.

For the first time since May, the number of new cases has been over 3,000 three days in a row.

In England, it is now forbidden to gather more than six people, indoors and outdoors.

In Wales, groups of up to 30 people can meet outdoors.

In Northern Ireland, the number of people who can gather indoors in a private home was reduced last month to six people from two households due to an increase in coronavirus cases. Up to 15 people can meet outdoors there.

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Police deployed

Metropolitan Police say officers will be deployed in all boroughs of London to patrol public spaces and respond quickly to incidents where groups gather in large numbers.

A regulation enabling enforcement of the six-person rule was published late Sunday night, about 30 minutes before the rule came into force.

Police will be able to disperse gatherings of more than six people and issue fines ranging from £ 100 to £ 3,200.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has stated that dedicated police officers will work in city and city centers to enforce social distance rules.

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