Minister Prymula’s first week: He has already implemented these measures and is preparing another one

On Sunday, Prymula let it be heard that we should expect further restrictions during this week. These will mainly affect leisure activities, which should be attended by significantly fewer people.

“We will probably be in the range of ten to twenty. However, there will be differences, for example, for weddings, where there will be about thirty people,” the minister outlined. The ministry could introduce restrictions on Wednesday or Friday.

Listen to what Prymula said on Sunday:

According to Prymula, schools should not be closed, although everything will still be discussed with colleague Robert Plaga YES). There is talk, for example, of the temporary abolition of physical education and music education, because pupils do not wear veils during these classes.

Prime Minister Andrej Babi┼í (YES) appointed Roman Prymula to a new position last Tuesday – just a day after his predecessor Adam Vojtech (for YES) announced that it was ending.

And Prymula certainly did not waste time – the very next day he announced that from Thursday for the next 14 days, all bars, pubs and other catering facilities must be closed between ten o’clock in the evening and six o’clock in the morning. And there can still be as many people in them as there are seats in them.

Similarly, the Minister has tightened up the holding of mass events, such as parties – if their participants have nowhere to sit, a maximum of ten people can participate inside, five times as much in the open air. Complete overview of newly announced measures can be found in this article on

But that was not the case – the minister also called on school principals last week to keep schools closed on Friday due to the spread of coronavirus. However, this appeal was not very successful, according to estimates, it was heard only approximately every tenth primary and secondary school.

You can find out more about “Free Friday” in the report:

However, Prymula did not only target schoolchildren, he also addressed a similar challenge to the rest of the republic. “I want to ask all our fellow citizens to use the rainy extended weekend to stay at home. They read books, watched movies and enjoyed their family,” he wrote on twitter.

But as the staff of TV Nova found out, even these words did not fall on the fertile ground – people went on trips anyway, many were not discouraged by the bad weather.

Watch the TV Nova report:


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