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The vaccination strategy in our country will be put on the schedule next week. Minister of Health Frank Vandenbroucke (SP.A) has asked the Superior Health Council three concrete questions in the hope of speeding up. He said that in To the point.

There is a lot of criticism about the use of vaccines in our country. The example from other countries shows that the campaign is very slow with us. That is why Frank Vandenbroucke has investigated whether by changing the vaccination strategy we cannot accelerate.

“I asked the Superior Health Council three concrete questions,” says the SP.A minister. “The first: is it possible that we will not give the second Pfizer dose after 21 days but after, say, 42 days? If that should be allowed, we will not leave a stock of vaccines for that second injection and we can temporarily accelerate.

Question two: Can we really not give the AstraZeneca vaccine to people over 55, as is done in certain other countries? “If we did that, the campaign would be much simpler and we could move forward at full speed with Pfizer and AstraZeneca for the elderly,” says Vandenbroucke. Question three is: is one injection not enough?

“On the basis of the new scientific knowledge and examples from abroad, the Superior Health Council can give new advice there and who knows, we may be able to speed up,” says Vandenbroucke. “I hope to have news about that early next week. And then in the middle of next week I can see with Wouter Beke and other colleagues whether we can adjust the strategy and make a leap forward in the campaign. ” But, says Vandenbroucke, “it is of course possible that the experts in the Superior Health Council say that we cannot adjust.”

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