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Minster FM – News – MONDAY

The Environment Agency says that more localized floods are likely in York and along the North Yorkshire rivers, after today’s rain and in some parts even snow.

A Yellow warning for York and much of North Yorkshire in effect from 0200 to 1500 (Mon)

Monday updates will appear here:

VIDEO – Met Monday Office Forecast:

River levels

On Sunday afternoon, the Environment Agency expected the river in York to rise approximately 4.5 m above normal summer levels.

It arrived at 4.36 m at 13:30, then started to fall and then to get up again.

The next 24 hours are difficult to predict due to the anticipated rain and snow.

It is possible that it can go back to 4.6 – 4.7 on Monday morning.

It rose to 4.41 m during Storm Dennis and 5.4 m in 2000

Once again the focus of the City of York council will keep water out of other properties.

The city of York remains open to business.

If you were thinking of postponing a trip this week, this video shows how the floods are on one level and the main streets of the city are much higher.

Traders and tourist attractions will welcome you warmly.

York Floods 2020 Naburn

Photo taken from @ Sierra18ny SM Tony Walker of the North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue


Two people, a man and a woman, were rescued from their Volvo by the firefighters of Acomb and York after driving through the flood waters of Naburn.

The driver ignored the obvious sign and the visible flood.


We rescued the occupants because their safety and well-being were at risk.

The car was left behind.

We will not recover vehicles!

30 cm of water can make a car float and transport it to deeper areas. Could to drown or die from cold water shock

IS illegal to remove the closing marks.

York Floods 2020, February 23

Tower Street pumps Sunday

As the river levels rise York City Council will provide 24/7 defense assistance, with reinforcements including 11 pumps and extra sandbags available for Peckitt Street, Tower Gardens, Clementhorpe and Germany Beck’s A19.

A 4×4 service is also available for the Fordlands Road community.

For floods in the North Yorkshire County Council area see here

More information on current warnings for all our rivers is available on the Minster Flood FM page

River Ouse Viking recorder data here

York Floods 2020, February 23

York is open to visitors but companies along the river are going through a difficult month

For those businesses affected the financial tension has started to show.

Becky Wensley who runs Tower Vue Cafe, with her husband, says she lost between one and one and a half and a half pounds in the proceeds.

VIDEO – Becky talks to David Dunning:

The Shambles Kitchen he donated sausages to the homeless after revenue dropped 75% and remained with a lot of stocks.

Their offer on social media has attracted hundreds of actions and wishes.

Northern Power Grid NEW

Have you lost electricity?
See the Northern Powergrid Power Cut information map is here

York Floods 2020, February 23

A vehicle was left in the parking lot of St George’s Fields and was flooded again and its rear window was broken

York Viking Festival

The weather (strong winds) caused challenges to the organizers of the Jorvik Viking Festival.

The march to Coppergate took place as planned, leaving York Minster at 1.30 pm and ending in the Coppergate Center.

Saturday afternoon combat and Battle Spectacular were canceled.

York Floods 2020, February 23

Travel news (radio updates also on FM, DAB and Smart Speaker, via Minster FM)

Cawood 2020

Cawood Bridge by Robert Lewis

As the river levels begin to drop again, this information can change rapidly

More information on road closure in North Yorkshire here

Motorists should note closed road signs and not drive through flood waters.

A19 south of Selby remains closed – Minster FM report here

National Railway information including LNER, TPE, Northern, Hull Trains (Selby) CrossCountry and Grand Central

Your local bus company is also on Twitter.

You can read the updates online without needing a Twitter profile.

EG @FirstYork @YorkBus (Coastliner) @Reliancebus @arrivayorkshire

More information on the Minster FM Travel news page here

York Floods 2020, February 23



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