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Misiones and Jujuy suspended classes and the Government summoned all the ministers of education

Tomorrow afternoon the different educational representatives of the country will meet at the Ministry of Health: the Minister of National Education, the provincial ministers, the union leaders and the rectors of public and private universities. Today Jujuy and Misiones decided to suspend the school year for two weeks.

In the meeting tomorrow, the steps to be followed in the face of the advance of the coronavirus will be discussed. As he knew Infobae from official sources, The Government’s will is that classes continue with the measures already adopted: fourteen days of isolation for students and teachers who have returned from one of the countries that are the focus of contagion and the reinforcement of hygiene habits, such as frequent handwashing with soap and water.

“The suspension of the school year is not a measure that we are going to take. The decision, if at any time deemed necessary, will be made by specialists in the Health portfolio. For now the intention is that the dictation of classes continue, “said spokesmen for the Ministry of National Education.

Today in the morning, Jujuy surprised with the decision to interrupt the school year. It was not an articulated measure, but rather one-sided. Its Governor Gerardo Morales signed a decree declaring a sanitary and epidemiological emergency. In addition to the closure of schools for two weeks, it implies the prohibition for the next 60 days of public acts and cultural and sports events to prevent the spread of the disease.

The same measure was taken in the afternoon Misiones. Its Governor Oscar Herrera Ahuad also declared a health emergency. “In the sense of the measures taken to protect and care for the health of our population and taking into account the Health Emergency, classes are suspended at all educational levels in Misiones from 03/13/20 for a period of 15 days “He wrote on his Twitter account.

Beyond that the national directive, for the moment, is to keep schools open, each province can define its course of action. Schools are in the orbit of jurisdictions. Therefore, a domino effect should not be ruled out after the Jujuy decision..

For now, in the districts consulted by Infobae They discard the suspension of the classes, although they also admit that it is evaluated “hour by hour”. In some provinces, such as Río Negro, the unions themselves requested the interruption of the school calendar upon confirmation of a case of coronavirus in Viedma.

Nicolás Trotta, Minister of National Education, earlier today reaffirmed the continuity of the classes, but also warned that they work on solutions to an eventual suspension. The idea, if necessary, is that students do not lose content if they must stay at home. Digital platforms are being thought up so that the provinces can reach schools, although the short time to implement it is pressing.

“We have been working with the Federal Council of Education and the Interuniversity on the prevention scheme and with the area Educate (technology in the classroom) so that, in case it is decided to suspend classes, to do some follow-up, although that will not replace work in the classroom, ”said Trotta.

At the top level, the National University of Salta (UNSA) delayed the start of classes for two weeks for fear of the coronavirus. Similarly today the National University of Entre Ríos (UNER) defined closing the classrooms in two of its faculties -Engineering and Agricultural Sciences- due to the suspicion that a worker contracted the disease.

The University of Buenos Aires (UBA), on its own, established today through a resolution the mechanisms so that students in quarantine do not lose content. Along these lines, the rector Alberto Barbieri created the “Advisory Commission for the Design, implementation and monitoring of a Contingency Program for Digital Education COVID-19”.

The body will have three functions: 1) anticipation of actions and planning of teaching; 2) communication to teachers and students; 3) convergence of the digital environment. Summer classes end at UBA tomorrow and, in most faculties, the start of the school year is scheduled for next Monday. As reported. For students in isolation, the materials will be available in the virtual fields and, once the quarantine is finished, face-to-face tutorials will be held.

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