Miss Łomża Region and Miss Teenagers of Łomża Region 2020 are behind us! The most beautiful inhabitants of Łomża and its vicinity selected (photos)

Miss Łomża 2020 and Teenagers from Łomża 2020 selected! Here are the most beautiful girls from our region.

It was the fifth jubilee final gala of Miss Łomża 2020 and Teenagers of Łomża Region 2020. The event took place on Monday at Galeria Veneda in Łomża.

Miss Łomża 2020

Auto election results Miss Łomża 2020:

Miss Łomża 2020 – Wiktoria Ciochanowska,
1st runner-up – Linda Filipkowska,
2nd runner-up – Weronika Grzymala,
3rd runner-up – Klaudia Piaścik,
4 Wicemiss – Nina Ampulska.*

Miss Lomza Land Teenager 2020

Here are the results of the Teenage Miss Lomza Region 2020:

Miss Teenager of the Łomża Region 2020 – Ewelina Gutowska,
1st runner-up – Alicja Pietruszewska,
2nd runner-up – Wiktoria Jórska,
3rd runner-up – Aleksandra Ołtarzewska,
4th runner-up – Anna Grabowska. *

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Complementary titles were given to:

Miss Internet of the Łomża Region 2020 – Linda Filipkowska, at the same time also Miss Standard Pictures and Miss Grace and Elegance
Miss Foto – Alicja Pietruszewska,
Miss of the mylomza portal – Wiktoria Jórska,
Miss @meonems (Choice of Strategic Partner) – Wiktoria Ciochanowska. *

Three of the girls, Patrycja Kowalczyk, Julia Chrzanowska and Martyna Grądkowska, received wild cards authorizing them to participate in the next stages of the Miss Poland competition.


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