Miss Manners: Relatives try to get ‘blue sheep''s goat


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That is undesirable Miss Manners understands. But what is wrong with seeming to be unaware?

Goading people. Crying.

Uncle Horace. You have been bothering you too much. ”

Design Miss Manners: Not to shake hands. As a (female, if that matters) homeowner, I have had sales on my property. They shook hands at the end of our meeting.

I later found out they had lied to me – for instance, about not having insurance for their employees. Not only good will but honesty, work ethic, etc. Me, "beneath". T

Another place I no longer feel the handshake is in the doctor's office. Had doctor TH TH TH TH TH, TH go, TH TH TH, EN ENEN EN In this case, I feel there is a medical reason not to shake hands.

I therefore have refusing: "I prefer not to shake hands." If they request more of the explanation, While most people are surprised, after giving it a bit of thought, it's accepted without annoyance.

Indeed, most people would be flee in terror from gestures. But what do you think?

Miss Manners recommended shrugging it off, saying, “Oh, it's just a quirk of mine.” T

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2019, by Judith Martin

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