Mistrust Bonafede, via session in the Senate

The session in which the vote of no-confidence motions to the Minister of Justice Alfonso Bonafede is scheduled to open in the Senate. A motion was presented by the whole center-right (Fdi, Fi, Lega), another by Piu ‘Europa.

Pepper – “You are the minister of cheerful release.” So the League senator, Pasquale Pepe, presenting the center-right motion in the Senate. “You minister – added the League – has not been able to cope with the appalling riots, with 6 thousand prisoners involved, 14 overdose dead and 40 wounded agents, so we ask for distrust”. “You have written the darkest page of the Italian prison reality, you have appointed a head of the Dap who should have a high profile and skills, instead he has appointed Basentini who has neither prison nor anti-mafia skills, you must take responsibility for this appointment, “he said again.

“And he did not take any strategy to protect prison agents from the risk of the virus first,” said Pepe, who then thanked “Massimo Giletti who courageously told the truth to the Italians”, referring to the Di Matteo affair. “Mistrust for Minister Bonafede means mistrust for the government, one more reason to vote for it, the Italians will be grateful to you, colleagues,” he concluded.

Bonino – “We ask for his resignation, Minister, not because he is suspected but because we do not want a Minister of Justice who is representative of the suspect’s culture”. These are the words with which Emma Bonino illustrated the motion of no confidence in the Senate. “Of the disease of justice you are the symptom and not the remedy, if you stay in via Arenula it will help to make it chronic by spreading the fear of justice”, added Bonino. “To those who will tell me that the minister cannot be disheartened without putting the government at risk, I will just remind you that there is more discussion here today. That is, what policy for justice Italy needs. If the continuity of the government were to to signify the continuity of the justice policy, Minister, I would urge everyone to consider that Italy would have no benefit, “he said. “It can’t be the only answer ‘you can’t bring down the government’,” he said.

Pilgrims – “You are the minister that the 5 Star Movement dreamed of, that this country deserved and that this government strongly supports”. These are the words with which Senator Grillino Marco Pellegrini opened his speech. “The distrust to which some political forces are subjecting you is the attack on a new model of country, closer to the citizens, fairer, more supportive. Strong with the powerful and just with the least and the defenseless. You until today he proved to be a minister capable of courageously resolving and resolving problems left unresolved by his predecessors for decades, “he added.

Comparison – “I will not confirm your trust, I say what Aristotle ‘Plato said to me is my friend, but the truth more”. So Senator Gianluigi Paragone, speaking in plenary, during the vote of no confidence towards the Minister of Justice, Alfonso Bonafede. “I am with Di Matteo without if and without but, even today it is not clear why Basentini was chosen at the Dap, and Di Matteo did not go”, said the former M5S senator in his speech, returning to the story of the failure to appoint Di Matteo at the Dap.

Giarrusso – “You are certainly a decent person and nobody can deny it. But we are here to examine all your work as a minister. You have betrayed 11 million citizens who had sent us to Parliament to fight the mafia. And that signal was personified by a symbol, Di Matteo, heralded in the election campaign as recipient of important positions “, while” the ministry was handed over to a band of friends from Palamara “. This was said in the Chamber, addressing Minister Bonafede, the former M5S senator Mario Giarrusso, during the discussion of the motion of no-confidence towards the security guard. “The respectable people resign from the source of these disasters,” remarked Giarrusso.

Hostel – What else should Minister Bonafede do to be disheartened? Not sending him home today means giving him a safe conduct forever, saying that all the mistakes are made, in the name of living. “So the League senator, Andrea Ostellari, speaking in the Senate, pointed the finger at Minister Bonafede.” she – he added – are difficult days, but for the Italians they are even more difficult, for those who have suffered a serious crime and for relatives of those who have not survived and have been dishonored by the State, which with its complicity has released prisoners killers “.” The important thing – he said – is to live, but be careful, because Italians no longer live today. “


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