Mixed reality startup NXRT from Vienna brings 1.5 million euros on board

Placing the real environment in a virtual world in order to be able to create a realistic simulation – what sounded like a gimmick several years ago is making it into everyday business today. The Viennese startup NXRT (short for Nekonata XR Technologies), which Lukas Stranger, Alexis Kopciak, Martin Wagner and Patrick Kolar founded in 2019, shows that today. The company, which is only one year old, has taken 1.5 million euros on board in a financing round to make mixed reality applicable in industry.

Specifically, according to the company, it is a combination of equity and subsidies that are raised. The investor is a strategic one – namely the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group from Vorarlberg, which has more than 2,000 employees worldwide and is active as a technology provider in the areas of railway construction, equipment and service. She gets an 18 percent stake in the young startup for her money, the rest stays with the four founders.


“Making tech people more accessible”

“It is time to rethink simulation and virtual reality and make them more accessible to people. Technological developments do not exist in a vacuum and must not become an end in themselves; we want to make technologies understandable, accessible and usable ”, says CEO and co-founder Stranger. The core of the startup lies in the simple creation of VR simulations in which employees can learn how to handle complex machines, for example.

In virtual reality, (usually expensive) replicas of vehicle cockpits can be created inexpensively, or the software can be used in combination with real vehicles that can be turned into a simulator through proprietary sensor components. For large companies like Rhomberg, this is about cost efficiency and employee training in a new way.

Around thirty employees now work at NXRT. The fact that a strategist comes on board should not prevent cooperations with other companies from being entered into. In addition to the automotive and rail industries, NXRT also develops solutions for aviation and traffic safety.

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