MLB: Cohen suggests doing actual Bobby Bonilla Day ceremonies

Annual payment to Bobby bonilla was for a long time one of the funniest symbols of the Wilpon family mismanaging his team and his money, even if it wasn’t a particularly unique contract. Now it could become a symbol of the obscene wealth of Steve Cohen. The new owner of the New York Metsprobably in response to a fan who asked him to pay him Bonilla’s money as a lump sum, I am kidding.

How about we have a Bobby Bonilla day every year? Hand him a large check and take a ride around the stadium. It could be fun “.

The Mets bought the $ 5.6 million remaining in Bonilla’s contract in 1999 in a deal that gave Bonilla $ 29.8 million, divided into annual payments of $ 1.19 million on July 1 of each year from 2011 to 2035. So that the Mets still owe him nearly $ 18 million.

Cohen has apparently been answering every question from Mets fans on Twitter. (Example: calling a fan letter about getting kicked out for rude posts about Jeff Wilpon as “awesome.”) And while Cohen might be paying someone to publish for him, he certainly displays spaces and periods in an extremely idiosyncratic way.

Having Bonilla at Citi Field every summer would be fun; A perfect way to remove the Wilpons curse on the franchise would be to commemorate it on a single day each summer. But the Wilpons agreed to that deal specifically because they thought the payments would be covered by the proceeds of their investments with scheming Ponzi Bernie Madoff. Probably the last thing Cohen wants anyone to think about at Citi Field is massive financial crime.


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