MLB: Ernesto Jerez said on TV that Robinson Canó can forget about the Hall of Fame (Video)

The famous ESPN narrator Ernesto Jerez stated that the second baseman of the Mets from New York Robinson Cano you can forget about Living room from Fame in the MLB.

Ernesto was invited to the chronometer program hosted by David Faitelson and Lalo Varela, where he was asked about the case of Robinson Canó.

Specifically, he was asked if the Dominican has a chance to enter the HOF and Ernesto said you can go forgetting of the Living room from Fame.

He pointed Jerez that it is a shame that the player has tested positive for the second time in his career of the MLB in the use of prohibited substances.

The substance you tested positive for Robinson according Jerez it is easy to detect it in the analyzes performed on the player.

The numbers Robinson I had them to build a HOF case and who also has no opportunity according to Ernesto it’s Manny Ramírez.

Ramírez was an excellent hitter in the MLB but he incurred in the consumption of prohibited substances on a couple of occasions.

We’ll see what happens when you choose Cooperstown.

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