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MMA | UFC has met a new champion! The battle of heavy weights offered an unexpected course

The battle of heavyweights did not start as actively as would be expected before the match. After a more careful first lap, however, Ngannou gasped, and with the vision of four more laps, it didn’t look very optimistic. In addition, Gane did not let go of his opponent and worked with an experienced physicist. But the unexpected course of the match came from the third round. Ngannou changed tactics, and that brought the desired effect.

The Cameroonian may have been trying to take the match to the ground in a bit unconventional way, which he may have been surprisingly successful. Gane failed to bounce the takedowny and spent most of the third and fourth rounds without a chance on the ground. Before the fifth round it was not clear about the winner, rather it looked like the advantage of the current champion, who needed to manage another round.

Francis Ngannou (left) in a fight with Ciryl Gan.Photo: UFC

However, the interim champion Gane entered him much better, who took the match to the ground with a simple takedown, where Ngannou managed to turn the situation in a fantastic way, but still faced an unpleasant lever on his leg, which the opponent failed to tighten. And the end of the match was better managed by Cameroon, who held the opponent in a dominant position until the last seconds, thanks to which he went for another successful defense of the title.

Before the match, the undefeated Gane felt the first defeat among the professionals, he did not manage the most important match in his career. The heavyweight did not see the new champion, on the contrary, Francis Ngannou scored another valuable scalp. Although the Cameroonian did not end his MMA career in the post-match interview, there was still no desire to try boxing.

The title match duel between champion Brandon Moren and Deiveson Figueiredo brought a perfectly balanced matter. In addition, the duel announced all five announced rounds and the spectators watched the attitude battle practically all the time. And in the end, according to the points judges, the latter managed better, who thus took back the belt for the king of the fly scales. Nevertheless, the third match was decided by absolute details.

Deiveson Figueiredo pushed Brandon Moreno in a five-lap battle.Photo: UFC

The maximum balance of the duel, which was visible from the opening seconds. Nevertheless, the current champion, who was uncomfortably kicked by the opponent, was a bit more active, which over time began to show. Figueiredo added significantly to the activity and managed to be more accurate and faster in combinations. In the third round, the Brazilians also managed to throw their opponents to the ground with a good grenade, yet Moreno managed to survive the final seconds unscathed.

Figueiredo was suddenly on horseback, Moreno, on the other hand, had great difficulty with the force of his blows, as he could not lean properly on his kicked leg. The former continued to perform precisely and had a slightly better position before the last round. The Mexican understood that, right at the beginning of the final round he managed a takedown, which, however, had a poppy life and so we went into position again. Both participants did not give anything there either this time and it was practically unclear about the winner until the last second. Even so, all three judges opted for the Brazilian wrestler.

The mutual balance is thus currently balanced. The first duel ended in a draw, the second for a change was won by Moreno. Figueiredo has now scored the win, so the question arises as to whether it would not be worth holding a fourth match. After all, the Brazilian answered in a post-match interview, during which he said that he would easily share it with Moren again. And calm in his native Mexico.

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