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M&Ms, ‘Screen Time Master Challenge’ event held

[이데일리 백주아 기자] Mars Korea’s chocolate confectionery brand M&M’S announced on the 12th that it will hold the ‘Screen Time Master Contest’ through the ‘M&M’s Screen Time’ campaign until May 27.

▲M&M’s ‘Screen Time Master’ event. (Photo=Korea Mars)

The Screen Time Master Contest is an event where you can solve quizzes on movies and dramas around the world within a limited time, and you can participate on a separate event page. Participants can earn points by solving quizzes about various movies and dramas for 90 seconds, and multiple participation is possible. After the event is over, M&Ms grants the qualifications of ‘Screen Time Master’ to the top 10 event participants in June, and presents a Samsung 55-inch QLED TV gift certificate and M&Ms 20 pack to the one with the highest score. Apple iPad Wi-Fi model (256GB) and 20 packs of M&M’s products will be provided to 2nd to 10th places.

M&M’s brand manager said, “As the time to spend leisurely at home increases due to COVID-19, the time to watch TV screens has also increased significantly. We hope that you can participate in the event and experience the sweet and different pleasures that M&Ms delivers.”

M&Ms has been known as the world’s most famous chocolate since its launch in 1941. It features an iconic shape with the white ‘m’ written on it on six colored chocolate balls and a humorous character that embodies the product.

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