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Modders add New Vegas followers to Fallout 4

Bethesda and modders go together like Mario and mushrooms. This is one of the reasons why games from the publishers are still immensely popular even years after release, especially on PC.

Something tells us that Fallout 4 is also going to get a revival soon, thanks to a new mod that you can get from Nexus Mods right now. This add-on to Project Mojave, another mod that adds New Vegas locations to Fallout 4, gives you the chance to see Rose (Mojave Outpost), Raul Tejada (Nevada Highway Patrol Station), Veronica Santangelo (Mojave Drive-In), and Arcade Gannon (Mojave Outpost) to recruit. These companions will then behave as you are used to from companions and can fight at your side, provide commentary and help in settlements.

Do you feel like you miss someone? Then that is unfortunately correct. Boone can also be found in the mod, but only as an NPC. So don’t expect to be able to take the sniper in tow.

It is important to know that the mod does not contain voice work. For some reason they have to be downloaded separately from this link.


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