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Modern effective diets: how they work and when can be dangerous

Thanks to research of scientists and new modern approaches of dieticians, diets become more balanced. The desire to lose weight does not correlate with abstract limitations that lead to disruption of the body’s systems, but with a conscious choice to restructure their taste habits, improve the quality of life and their well-being. It is important to understand that there is no universal food system that would suit everyone. It is important to correlate the diet with your lifestyle, personal tastes and characteristics of your health.

Ketone (fat) diet High fat diet

A key feature of this nutrition system is the maximum reduction in carbohydrates and the average amount of protein. Most of the calories the body receives from foods rich in fat. However dubious it may sound, but research say that such a diet can be useful. Fat can be both vegetable and animal (depending on personal preferences). With such a diet, you need to exclude from the diet all kinds of sweet, flour, milk and yogurt, potatoes, pasta, rice and all vegetables, except green and white, sauces and alcohol. Trans-fats also should not be included in the diet. Priority products are avocados, cream, sour cream, coconut and butter, meat and fish, eggs and low-carbohydrate cheeses. According to the author of The High Fat Diet, Zana Morris, such a diet does not create a sense of hunger, which usually leads to discomfort and frustration. In this case, the body thanks to useful fats is rebuilt and begins to receive energy not from carbohydrates, but from fat.

Important: with such a power system, do not forget about controlling the size of portions, otherwise the risk is not only not to lose extra pounds, but also to gain additional ones. The fact is that a few years ago, nutritionists and media wrote that with such a ketone diet, the body begins to “burn” excess fat more efficiently. However, modern studies prove the reverse , so the high fat diet is confirmed not by the uncontrolled absorption of fat-containing products, but by the conscious replacement of carbohydrates by fats and by controlling the amount of food consumed, taking into account your physiological data. Control of the gastroenterologist will not be superfluous either.

Antikandid diet

As with any power system, anti-Kandid The diet also has its fans and opponents. There are also those who consider it not very effective in the fight against fungus candida, but effective for normalizing weight. Since antikandidnaya diet is based on the exclusion of products with yeast and sugar in any of its forms, the forbidden list includes bread products, all kinds of sweet, including dried fruits, honey, syrups, sauces, fruits with a high content of carbohydrates (bananas, grapes and the like ), juices, nuts, vinegar and some vegetables. At the same time, the emphasis in nutrition is on greens, green vegetables and coconut oil as one of the most effective natural cures for candida. Meat, fish, eggs occupy not more than 40 percent with such a diet. Since with the antikandid diet, the diet becomes more “green” in all senses, the amount of vitamins and trace elements received increases. The

Important: At such aggressive enough low-carbohydrate diet, as well as at diet Atkins, it is necessary to listen to the organism. If the general health has worsened, fatigue and weakness have appeared, it is necessary to correct the food program. For good health, it is important not to forget to eat several portions of complex carbohydrates – buckwheat, perlovki, kinoa and others.

Detox on juices (Juicing)

The Juicing diet is called wrong, because keeping only on juices is dangerous to health. Especially the gastrointestinal tract is at risk. That’s why such a system is usually called a detox – cleansing the body – and practice one to three days. Detox programs on juices take into account the right combination of certain amino acids, vitamins and microelements derived from vegetables and fruits. Also in juices add various spices and, for example, ginger or ginseng, for greater efficiency. There is no scientific evidence that in this way any toxins are actually derived. However, jussing has their fans who like the feeling of “lightness” after the course and the habit is in small portions that may appear during this time.

The founder of the KM20 Concept-Story, Olga Karput, described how the doza KM20 dzhussing programs are compiled: “Our programs are selected based on human biorhythms. On the days of the week they are not different, and within one day we picked everything up so that it was comfortable, there was no acute feeling of hunger. At us in doza KM20 three levels of programs: initial Hallucinate with Me, average Tripping Over Moscow, suitable to all, and superprodvinutaja overDOZA. Sometimes I sit on it. Each program begins with Reguelvel – and this, perhaps, is our know how. In any case, I have not met him in other programs. Reguvelak is a drink based on fermented wheat sprouts. It is an ideal natural and vegan probiotic, it perfectly regulates digestion, it has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the body. Conditionally, does everything that promises in advertising of fermented milk products. Further in each program we distribute juices, shots, kombucha and walnut milk so that the person on the detox during the day felt exactly and well. ”

Important: as mentioned above, dzhusing as a food system is dangerous to health. That is why after one or three days to the diet of juices it is necessary to add green salads, fish, seafood and vegetable protein (dishes with legumes, tofu, puddings with chia seeds). If you ever had any problems with your stomach before going through the course, you should consult a gastroenterologist.

Vegetarian Diet

Despite all the pros and cons of a diet that excludes products of animal origin, modern nutritionists emphasize the effectiveness of such a diet for weight loss and better health. Medical News Today reports that most vegetarians actually exclude meat and fish, but they do not refuse eggs, honey and dairy products. Wherein statistics of the Oxford University Cancer Research Group in the UK indicates that most vegetarians and vegans have a lower body weight than those who eat meat and fish.

Important: a similar diet, like any other, requires a conscious approach, the selection of plant analogues of important nutrients, systemic and regular examinations of specialists. Before making a decision to exclude meat, fish and other animal products from their diet, blood tests must be performed. After a month of a balanced vegetarian or vegan diet, it is worth to re-take tests to make sure that your health has not worsened, and then do it at least once a year.

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