Modern Warfare news, tests, and prices

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare news, tests and pricing

CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE – Finally available on PC, Ps4 and Xbox, the new installment of the famous FPS franchise from Activision makes a sensational entry on our consoles. We tell you everything about Modern Warfare!

The essential

If the name of the game is familiar to us, it is not that close to that of its elder. Neither a sequel, nor a remake, Call of Duty Modern Warfare invites you to dive into the war, the real one, with raw realism and a feeling of regular discomfort, both in the solo and in the multiplayer. In this article, find all the news of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, as well as the new features, tips, reviews of tests published on the web and tips to get the game at the best price.


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More info about Call of Duty Modern Warfare

There are a lot of new features in the multiplayer modes of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, some incredible, others usual. In the revelation of the game’s multiplayer last August, the focus was first of all on the variety of the gameplay. Several game modes have been presented, ranging from 2v2 to 20v20, on maps that are much more asymmetrical than the old ones, with the aim of representing a context of likely confrontation. And among these contexts, there is an absolutely fascinating new game mode: nightly confrontation. Whether at night or in dark caves, you need to find your bearings using your night vision goggles, which obviously modify your perception of the environment, but also allow you to see the lasers of your opponents’ weapons . It is also easier to attack these opponents at the corner of a wall, with the mechanics of peeking (which consists of allowing you to lean over the corner of a wall to reveal yourself). Mechanics just as useful when it comes to storming a building, since they are now accessible via the doors, from which you can slide flash and frag grenades in order to dislodge the defenders using rifles pump whose feeling seems exceptionally heavy.

These weapons, precisely, are customizable to an incredible level. Up to 9 customization locations for weapons, allowing you to manage the statistics to the point, for a total of 30 (on pistols) with 60 attachments available per weapon. As in the previous installment, you can use different characters, even if they do not seem to have special abilities. Another level of customization: your range of Killstreaks capabilities. Some were presented, and among them there is of course the famous RC-XD, the reconnaissance drone, the air missile, but also a combat helicopter, an AC-130, as well as a light armored, pilotable at two, with room for a turret gunner.

Finally, and this was undoubtedly necessary: ​​Call of Duty Modern Warfare has the right to a whole new game engine, allowing to change the feeling of the movements, but also to push the graphics a little further, via photogrammetry (representation as exact as possible of a 3D element) and graphics inspired by photorealism. And, if it is undoubtedly great for the solo mode, centered on a rendering closer to the simulation, we are entitled to ask the question of the interest of these additions of realism in a multiplayer which probably comes down to fast enough to run & gun with jumps and dropshots.

The solo of Call of Duty games has sometimes been credited but it is especially the multiplayer mode of the series that ignited the playground since it is he who renewed the genre of competitive FPS during the release of Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare. This year, a new mechanism is implemented in multiplayer, even if it worries. Infinity Ward announced that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a cross-platform title that allows all players to compete against each other, regardless of their medium, PC, PS4 or Xbox One. In this system inspired by the functioning of Fortnite, the players will be grouped according to their device above all, which prevents being found wildly dropped in a keyboard / mouse part while you have a controller. The only way to suffer this inconvenience would be to group with PC players, in which case the support used in majority decides the type of game in which you will be launched. In addition to this information, it was announced that no season pass would spoil the multiplayer experience, unlike Black Ops 4.

The Spec-Ops mode is a game mode apart, available from the launch of Call of Duty Modern Warfare. The idea is to propose a set of cooperative missions to accomplish a set of objectives on different maps. Each of these goals advances a story that is unique to this cooperative game mode. The adversaries you meet during Spec-Ops missions react to the way you play and to the choices you make, not hesitating to send more troops than planned to face you, even going so far as to deploy Mastodons and helicopters in large quantities. All this takes place on a vast panel of maps, which all revolve around the city of Verdansk, the location of the action of these missions. When the game launches, four operations are available, but many more are planned for the future, and these operations will be added on all platforms at the same time. And this is not the case with all game modes! Indeed, at the same time as these operations, there is also a new mode: the Survival. It is a game mode based on a concept of survival against hordes of enemies arriving in successive waves. But this mode has the distinction of being exclusive to the PS4 until October 1, 2020.

Apart from the solo, on which the emphasis is placed, Call of Duty is renowned for its multiplayer, which has become a classic, but also its zombie mode. Appeared in 2008 with World at War, the zombie mode of Call of Duty has therefore become a must. The other developer studios of the franchise have gradually got down to the idea of ​​adding more, including in the most futuristic titles. There were no announcements when the Call of Duty Modern Warfare was revealed, and it looked like a surprise, but “Campaign Gameplay Director” Jacob Minkoff confirmed that there would be no zombie mode on Call of Duty this year. The idea is to keep a coherence and a realism that the developers wish to put forward in the series, and “it would harm the feeling of playing in a realistic and authentic world, close to the conflicts of today and the issues that we meet”. Less likely in view of the mixed success of the previous game, there is also no question of Battle Royale, the genre seeming to attract less and less in a market that was quickly saturated following the successes of PUBG and Fortnite.

This year, solo mode is likely to be talked about. Indeed the scenario returns to a period which blew up the series with Call of Duty 4. The narrative director however made it very clear: it is not a sequel to the Modern Warfare, or a very simple remake. The objective here is to offer increased realism, which had become difficult after the turning points in Hollywood taken by the series since Modern Warfare 2. In addition, the situation of our world has changed a little since 2007, and the conflicts too. The era of pitched battles with uniforms has given way to asymmetrical conflicts. Thus, any place can become a battlefield, and the question arises of the morality of combat, and thus of non-Manichaeism. This time, no arbitrarily defined villains. People from the same population can be your enemies as well as your allies, and you will have to adapt your tactics to the specifics of each of these adversaries. The ambition of the developers is thus to make one feel emotions in the context of the war, the real one, or almost, both on the side of the soldiers of the SAS or the USMC, but also on the side of the freedom fighters in Middle East or elsewhere.

A more realistic Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was released in 2007. The 4th title in the Call of Duty series at the time offered a leap in time to offer us a modern story, in the context of a current fictional conflict, highlighting scene a dictator of the Middle East and a group of Russian ultranationalists aiming to start a world nuclear war and to destroy the United States. Players of this era remember this game for the new mechanics it brought to the multiplayer FPS, but also for its solo campaign featuring memorable characters, like Captain Price or Sergeant “Soap” MacTavish (and even Sergeant Paul Jackson or Sergeant Griggs for the finest connoisseurs).

These players of the time will therefore be happy to find the very special atmosphere of this opus as well as some of its characters, including Captain Price that we see from the start (but without Marc Alfos, who was the original voice actor of the character, deceased since). In the game trailer, we can see a good technological improvement on the engine which was getting a little aging. Besides the technological aspect, it is the scenario and the way it will deal with modern warfare that will be interesting. If the Call of Duty solo campaigns have not been very striking in recent years (until a total absence of solo in Black Ops 4), the developers seem here to want to reconnect with what made the charm of the series. In addition, the maturity and the dark atmosphere seem to be back with a way of dealing with war both on the side of soldiers and combatants, but also of civilians. Protecting them seems to be paramount. We also see in the trailer several images of war doctors who must operate in difficult conditions, and mention is made of chemical weapons and a child wearing a gas mask. A raw vision of war, no doubt to reconnect with early fans who are beginning to age.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was released on October 25, 2019 and on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC, with something new this year: the cross-platform. It’s quite surprising for a saga that puts multiplayer as much forward, since an FPS has generally always been to the advantage of PC players, more precise and faster with their mouse, but that may be the key to keep a community active for as long as possible. Good news, however, the developers abandon the principle of season pass and promise that the contents of the DLC will be available for free, even if there will be a small temporary exclusivity on Playstation. An effort very focused on consumer satisfaction, it seems necessary after the setbacks of Black Ops 4, whose economic model has been considered indecent by many players.

Call of Duty esports is one of the founders of the discipline. But it came to gradually move into the background. It is with a view to bringing it back to the forefront, at the same time as the reboot of the franchise on Modern Warfare, that Activision wishes to install a franchise system similar to that of Overwatch. The latter, as a reminder, cost $ 25 million for each investor wishing to buy a place in the Overwatch league. For the Call of Duty League, the price is 20 million per team, and a leak has, unfortunately for investors, revealed earlier than expected the teams placed in this niche. We then recognize some flagship esports teams, such as Faze or Optic gaming, as well as the Paris team which belongs to the same entity as the Paris Eternal team on Overwatch.

  • Atlanta Faze
  • Optic Los Angeles
  • Seattle Surge
  • Chicago Huntsman
  • Minnesota Rokkr
  • Dallas Empire
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas
  • Paris Legion
  • London Royal Ravens
  • Florida Mutineers
  • New York Sibliners
  • Toronto Ultra

Call of Duty Mobile has been available worldwide since October 1, with the exception of China, Vietnam and Belgium. The title is the first mobile port of the saga, and offers you very recognizable game environments. Following the classic economic model of any self-respecting Free-to-play (or rather which respects players’ wallets), the game works on a Pay-to-fast basis in which you unlock weapons, customizations and additional statistics . The main part of the game will be done around your choice of equipment, the unlocking of which is very close to a classic Call of Duty (with an emphasis on your wallet to speed up progress obviously).

The gameplay itself remains simple, and nevertheless adapts very well to the mobile format. Horizontally, you simply have to move and target your opponents, the game then taking care of shooting as soon as the cursor is on an opponent. There is nothing special about this gameplay, and it is above all your ability to place yourself effectively that will decide whether you win or not. And in addition to classic modes such as the team death match, a Battle Royale mode is also unlockable from level 7. In the end, Call of Duty Mobile follows in the footsteps of its elders by taking back what made the success of its competitors (PUBG Mobile and Fortnite among others) to mix it in a very classic Call of Duty formula, and adapted to a Free-to-play format whose desire to highlight its business model is sometimes done at the expense of the pleasure of play.

Play Call of Duty Mobile on PC

With the exception of three countries, Call of Duty Mobile is available worldwide, and it is almost a pure and simple porting of the game on mobile (with adapted gameplay of course). It’s the prerogative of a mobile game, but there is an odd feeling that constantly makes you doubt that you are playing against players or bots. But the little extra is that your opponents are just as likely to use a keyboard / mouse on mobile. If this seems surprising to you, it is nevertheless very simple to carry out. Indeed, there are a large number of Android emulators (software that allows you to play games by simulating a console on a PC), and it is very easy to download one. Thus, you simulate the existence of a Smartphone on your PC and you simply have to link your account and download the game to be able to play it, with a keyboard / mouse as a bonus, theoretically simplifying the task compared to tactile players . Obviously, this way of playing is not necessarily encouraged by the creators of the game, and the question that then arises is: will Activision crack down on these players?

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