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Moderna suggests monitoring the effects of mixing its vaccine with CanSino – El Financiero

The Moderna pharmaceutical company recommended that the Mexican authorities carry out studies on the effectiveness of its vaccine when used as a booster in a population that previously received CanSino.

“We are in contact with the health authorities of both developed countries and those with other access to vaccines. In fact, it is an interesting opportunity to obtain data from the Moderna vaccine on individuals who have been pre-inoculated with CanSino, we will not be able to do that in England or a European country or in the United States, but we depend on the capacity of the countries”, César Sanz, Medical Vice President of Moderna, commented in an interview.

Moderna donated 2.6 million doses of its COVID-19 vaccine to Mexico, which began its application last week and is being implemented to teachers and professors, who had received CanSino in the first instance.

Sanz shared that in the study carried out by the Singapore Ministry of Health they found that Moderna’s vaccine as a Pfizer booster reported an 82 percent efficacy in preventing symptomatic disease with the delta variant.

Regarding the possibility of manufacturing in Mexico or some Latin American country, the company replied that there is no plan.

“At this time we do not plan to manufacture our COVID-19 mRNA vaccine in Latin America. In April 2021, we announced additional investments to increase the global supply of our COVID-19 vaccine and in May 2021, we announced an agreement with ‘Gavi The Vaccine Alliance’, to supply up to 500 million doses of our vaccine at our price. lower, in line with our global access commitments. This agreement was later revised to provide up to 650 million doses to be delivered between 2021 and 2022,” the company replied.

In 2021, the Moderna pharmaceutical company supplied the region with 12.7 million doses of vaccines and announced that they are currently discussing future agreements with several countries in the region.

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