Mol Nest Google Max takes Facebook and Alexa with camera calls


MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. – A year ago, we were very impressed with what was known as the Google Hub. He named it one of the top 10 tech products in 2018, with one caveat. We wanted it to be more.

Now, the all-new version, and yes, is more in stores, with a higher 10-inch price tag (up from 7 inches) ($ 229, vs $ 129) and a new confusing name.

The Old Hub is now called the Hub Nest, and the Hub Nest Max is the biggest, new version. (To keep it in Nest's family, the best known brand for a Google-owned digital thermostat.) But to drive you crazy, Google still calls the original speaker designed to take Google Amazon as Google Home .

And you can't set up Nest Hubs without first downloading or updating the app called Google Home.

Suggest a new Google Nest Max, with a ten-inch screen, back with the old Nest Hub, with a 7 inch screen.

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There were two reasons why we fell in love with the Hub: It was affordable and made a photo of a sweet digital photo frame and a YouTube viewer. But that sad, a year later, delete Google's price advantage. And Google did not set some of the basic smart weaknesses in a Google Assistant.

The new version is only three inches larger, but this is height and width, and the difference is striking. It is not, but it feels almost twice the size when it is shown back. And that's a good thing. The old one seems to be so small and worn out now.

How they are met

Amazon's Echo Show is also $ 229 $ 229, a 10-inch video viewer, but one that corresponds to Alexa, but historically the e-tailer has a huge discount and is expected to give a new version. soon into. The Facebook Portal is $ 179, a 10-inch viewer, and the company is announcing a remodeled version today with more photos and the ability to make phone calls to Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp users. (Google also exceeded the last holiday season for the Hub.)


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