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Moment of stopping your Android camera app

While Moment is best known for its custom smartphone lens accessories, it also has a Pro Camera app for taking manual photos and videos. But now the manufacturer has decided to stop the app because it can’t keep up with constant software changes from both OEMs and Android itself. The good news is that the app will remain available on the Google Play Store but will eventually remove it and encourage you to use other apps to match your goals.

Marc Barros, co-founder of the moment, said in an email to users that while they love Android, they don’t have the engineering bandwidth to keep up with all the changes on the platform. It was difficult to have various Android “tastes” on each of the smartphone brands, not to mention the main annual update on the Android platform itself. This led to the decision to eventually discontinue the Pro Camera app even though it is still available in the “foreseeable future”.

The lenses work really well with the standard camera apps of various Android phones. What the Pro Camera app was useful for was its anamorphic lens. Android Police shares that the particular lens has a 2.40: 1 cinematic aspect ratio that lengthens the camera input. You need some other software to “squeeze” so that it can become viewable and that’s where the Pro Camera app comes in.

They are recommending the Filmic Pro app as an alternative, although this will cost you $ 15. Also, this app doesn’t seem to support the anamorphic lens for now. You can also use the handbrake desktop app for free if you need to unzip the movie. For now, however, you can still use the Pro Camera app even if it will still be considered until it is available.

There is also news that the app could eventually be turned into a community project so that those who are invested in the app and have developer knowledge can help continue the app in the future. Those who may be interested can contact Moment at [email protected]

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