Monaco: a strong speech, winning choices … a success signed by Kovac – football

With a strong speech but above all the winning choices made after the break, AS Monaco coach Niko Kovac made a good move and allowed his team to overthrow Paris Saint-Germain (3-2) on Friday in Ligue 1.

Niko Kovac won a big match on Friday.

At half-time, the coach told us: ‘are you afraid or what?‘We had to play with more passion, more activity. This was the key in the second period. With the changes, we had more possession, we changed the game and the game.

After the success of AS Monaco, yet led by two goals at the break, against Paris Saint-Germain (3-2) on Friday on the 11th day of Ligue 1, the striker and hero of the match Kevin Volland has highlighted the collective reaction and the role of its trainer Niko Kovac.

N. Kovac – We were afraid

Fear, the Mongasques felt during the first 45 minutes. Especially when PSG were refused two goals by the VAR. But the break, Kovac was able to find the words with a federative speech to remobilize his team despite the double scored by the Parisian striker Kylian Mbapp.

at half-time, I told the players that we were bad, that it was not AS Monaco that I wanted to see. I want to see Monaco from the matches against Bordeaux (4-0) and Nice (2-1). I told them that anything was possible, that we could beat PSG if we formed a real team. I am happy with the reaction. In the first period, we were afraid. But it was not necessary. If we play fast, if we play a key, we can believe it, in front they are only very human, explained the Croatian technician after the meeting at a press conference.

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Winning choices

In addition to a strong speech, the former coach of Bayern Munich managed to change the course of the match with winning choices. Indeed, upon returning from the locker room, Kovac brought in midfielder Cesc Fabregas in place of young Willem Geubbels, and left side Caio Henrique in place of Fod Ballo-Tour. And the two men had an immediate contribution! The Spaniard brought technical accuracy, and was decisive with a decisive pass for Volland and the victory penalty converted. As for the auriverde defender, he shone on the defensive plan while being omnipresent in front. Successful coaching which allowed ASM to take control of the game and therefore overthrow PSG!

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