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Monday letters to the editor

SMART’s next steps

EDITOR: When private sector leaders find themselves in a mess like SMART, they change top management. Look at Boeing.

The overhead of costs to build this life-size Lionel train goes beyond the incredible. Track replacement costs on average $ 10 million per mile.

The right of way was already in place. It would not have taken years or $ 400 million to simply change the thread. What the hell, it’s just the public money. Perhaps the best solution is to do like New York commuters. Run the trains heading south until 9:00 AM, then the trains heading north from 15:30.

It is obvious that there are not enough people traveling during the day to justify train travel during off-peak hours. SMART has never been conceived as a loss-making tourist line.

Consider cutting or stopping weekend trains and using your savings to build the promised but undelivered bike and walking paths.

Since the genes purchased diesel trains instead of electrifying the line, it could be very difficult to sell excess polluting trains for everything except scrap.

Remember the great line of H.L. Mencken: “Nobody in this world, as far as I know … has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the broad masses of ordinary people.”


Santa Rosa

Coronavirus and cash

EDITOR: I am glad that Sutter Hospital is taking an aggressive approach towards the spread of coronavirus (“Union: Sutter quarantines 30”, Friday). I hope the whole county starts behaving the same way. Prevention is better than cure; the virus is already among us. I would also like to see that it is mandatory that all people who work with cash must start wearing gloves: the sooner the better. Seriously, this should be a breeze.

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Santa Rosa

Another hit

PUBLISHER: On October 27, we lost our home in Windsor due to the Kincade fire. Since that day it has been a great struggle to start our lives again and we are in our 70s. To add to our problems, we are now held responsible for cleaning the property. This will cost us thousands of dollars that we don’t have. We are told that $ 20,000 is required for permits from Sonoma County. This means that the county is forcing us to clean up a disaster that we haven’t done and that has left us homeless, and then made us pay money to do what they are forcing us to do. Is there anything wrong with this picture?


Camano Island, Washington

Remodeling Measure M

EDITOR: Why do I need to improve Measure M, the sales tax for county transportation? Sonoma County is beautiful, but lately that beauty is priced too high. Fires due to the climate, homeless camps, high rent, traffic, an economically fragile center, days of smoking, PG&E blackouts, etc.

I am 40 years old, I am a father of four and I work in local retail. I am an active member of our community. I am the type of person you want to live here, yet I want to move. Why? Because I cannot explain to my children why we stay in a city that does not respond to climate crises and to our declining quality of life.


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