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The President of the Republic, João Lourenço, said, yesterday, that the possibility of holding municipal elections before the end of this year would be an unrealistic and highly irresponsible action, bearing in mind that the country still does not have a legal basis that guides the holding of this type of election.

João Lourenço clarified that it is not fair and correct to say that local elections in the country were postponed, because elections that were never called are not postponed and elections are not called without being based on a legal basis, otherwise they will not be considered valid.

According to the President, who was speaking during the presentation of the State of the Nation speech, the entire country is interested in the municipal elections that will take place for the first time in Angola. In his opinion, the municipalities will emerge a new type of power that, certainly, will greatly ease the burden of the responsibility that falls today on the State, in solving the daily problems that afflict the citizen in their community.

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