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An Animal Crossing version of Monopoly should be released soon! We explain how it will be possible to obtain it.

A little over a year after the release ofAnimal Crossing : New Horizons, it will be possible to get a Monopoly in the image of the game! The famous board game will soon see the light of day, and should be available in various Walmart stores in the United States.

Regarding France, no availability planned for the moment, but pre-orders are available on an English site! If have the game in english don’t bother you, we’ll explain how to get it.

How to buy Monopoly Animal Crossing?

At the moment, the Monopoly Animal Crossing is not not planned in a French version ! If however English don’t bother you, you can get Monopoly from two ways different:

  • By going to a Walmart magazine, if you are in the United States
  • By pre-ordering it on the English site Wayland Games (source)

On this site, Monopoly is in pre-order for € 31.31. It won’t be available until August 2, but if you want to be sure you get one, it’s recommended that you pre-order it now!

Regarding Monopoly, it includes all the visuals and codes of the game: there are fossil huts, fruits or Dodo Airlines. The currency is obviously in Bells, and the figurines are villagers! The three types of cards to be drawn are luck, decoration and Nook Miles, always recalling the spirit of Animal Crossing.

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