Monstrum – physical edition will be released on October 23 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

The survival horror game Monstrum is due to start one week with a physical edition for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Players can receive their physical copy on Friday October 23rd. The monstrosities that bring down the player in Monstrum make it a terrible challenge to escape the abandoned ship. Permadeath and no rescue points mean that once players are killed they have to start all over again. So what does it take to stay alive? A blog post published today with 10 tips on how to survive monsters.

About monstrosity
Stranded on a derelict cargo ship, you are chased by one of the horrific hunters of monstrosity as you look for a way out. Death means death. If you die in monstrosity, you start all over again. Since each of them has its own strategy and its own skills and weaknesses, you will have to use your wits to outsmart your pursuer in the procedurally generated environment of the ship. Can you survive monster

● Survive in a different environment each time you play the game and escape from a different monster
● Use everything you can to outsmart the monsters and escape from the ship
● Hide, distract the monster and run, but don’t let the numerous traps catch you
● Stay alive or start from before

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