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Montana Tucker and Hana Giraldo recreate the scene from Britney Spears’ “Toxic” video

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Britney Spears’ boyfriend Sam Asghari has endorsed the social media star video.

Sensations on social media Montana Tucker and Hana Giraldo have channeled Britney Spears into a new video that has proven to be a big hit. Britney’s boyfriend was even a fan.

On Friday, Montana went to Instagram to share the video with her 2.5 million followers. She and Hana teamed up with some other social media stars to recreate an iconic scene from Britney’s 2004 music video for her hit song “Toxic”.

Montana and Hana were joined by social media influencer Abi Perl. The three women were all dressed in matching flight attendant uniforms like the one Britney wears in the “Toxic” video. Their aqua-colored costumes included long-sleeved jackets and short miniskirts with small slits on the right sides. The uniforms were finished in white.

The trio of artists also wore hostess hats, white gloves and yellow scarves tied around the neck. For their footwear, they sported black lace-up ankle boots.

Their video included cameo from Instagram comedian Adam Waheed and It is so crow star Kyle Massey. The two men played the passengers who fell under the seductive spell of the stewardesses.

Hana, Montana and Abi were shown performing some of the dance moves from Britney’s video in the wide aisle of a set made to look like inside a commercial plane. Their choreography included the instantly recognizable hand movements that Britney does in front of her chest. Montana was leading the center of the group for their performances.

The video included many props, including a phone like the one shown by Britney in the video and a trolley with glasses.

At the time of this writing, Montana’s “Toxic” video has been enjoyed more than 116,000 times. Britney’s boy, actor and fitness model, Sam Asghari, gave his sign of approval by responding with a “100” emoji.

“Montana legit looks like Britney, Beyoncé and JLO at the same time,” read a fan’s response to the video.

“Amazing videos and dances !! I love Britney so much, ”gushed another commentator.

“I’m in love with this,” wrote a third fan.

“You are beautiful in that dress! I love white gloves, ”said a fourth fan.

Montana revealed that the video was filmed in “The Zone”. As reported by Rolling Stone, The Zone is a pop-up experience aimed at Britney fans, especially those who want to create fun content for their social media pages by emulating their idol. There are sets inspired by Britney’s music videos that visitors can pose in front of, along with interactive installations.

In addition to the “Toxic” plan described above, some of the other sets include the gym and lockers of the music video “… Baby One More Time” and a jungle setting inspired by Britney’s show “I’m A Slave 4 U “at the 2001 VMA MTV. The pop-up is located in Los Angeles opposite The Grove shopping center.

Britney isn’t the only famous singer Montana has channeled for one of her videos. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she dressed like Jennifer Lopez ahead of the half-time performance of the “On The Floor” singer at the Super Bowl.


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