Morat makes Madrid dance with Aitana

If there is something that transmits Morat as soon as he steps on a stage it is energy and good vibes. This band formed by four friends, Juan Pablo Isaza, Juan Pablo Villamil, Martín Vargas and Simón Vargas, enjoy their songs so much that it is very difficult not to be infected by their spirit, a mix of pop festival and summer verbena. Last Sunday, close to 15,000 people of all ages, from couples to groups of friends passing families with children, danced to the rhythm of the topics of the Colombians in the Madrid Wizink Center. The track of the old Palace of Sports was full of chairs that, as soon as it began to sound between confetti and flashes «Damn custom», were hardly used.

"Our career began in Madrid, it is a dream to be here, so we will give the best concert of our lives", promised this group of Colombian friends who presented themselves to the world on this same stage four years ago in the hands of Paulina Rubio with « My new vice ». They continued with another of their great successes, "When nobody sees", followed by "Love with ice" and "Remember me", among others. These friends who make up and play together from school were elated to play in "their second home": "There are not so many places that have seen us play in bars before 100 people, only Bogotá and Madrid," they recalled.

Given to the Spanish public, they even dared to flamenco, with the help and permission of Ketama. And they explained the origin of "El embrujo": "Asking a Colombian to do flamenco is like asking a Chinese to make salsa, but we could not tell lies to this song, which has a little flamenco color," they told while they were changing low, guitars, banjos and ukuleles for Spanish guitars.

After singing to impossible loves and broken hearts with "I know it hurts you" and "Others get lost", the most anticipated song arrived for the little ones (and those who are not so): "I with you, you with me" , central theme of «Gru 3, my favorite villain». For another of his duets, "Presiento", the Colombians had saved an ace up their sleeve. And it is that as soon as the first chords of the song began to sound, Aitana took the stage, which won one of the biggest ovations of the night. "This song has forged a very nice friendship," she acknowledged.

Before "How you dare" arrived, what seemed like the end of the party, the members of Morat demonstrated their versatility, and even bass player Martín Vargas did not sing to the rhythm of "No se va." After a pause, the unanimous cry of "another, another" returned the young friends to the stage to interpret their final line, with more fire and confetti: "My new vice", "I do not deserve to return" and "Kisses without war" . So they closed the first stop of a tour that will continue in Valencia, Barcelona and Seville, with double. (tagsToTranslate) morat (t) concert (t) madrid (t) aitana

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