Morata will do "everything possible" to stay at Atlético and ask to respect Griezmann

In full carousel of departures at Atlético de Madrid Álvaro Morata advanced that he will "do everything possible" to remain in the club, after arriving on loan from Chelsea in the January market. He knows that the departure of Antoine Griezmann, who informed the club on Tuesday of his decision to leave the rojiblanco team, places a bit more responsibility on the team although he asked to "respect" the decision of his teammate … until the 30th. June. "It is a decision that must be respected, and to thank all that Griezmann has done for this club, which I think has been a lot. We respect his decision, I wish he could have stayed, but he has made that decision. I have no idea (of your destiny) and it does not matter how, it is the situation that exists. We must accept it and continue forward, "he said at the presentation ceremony of the foundation 'More than players' in Madrid.

The striker from Madrid highlighted, in the act of the foundation to know different technological projects of StartUps in the field of sport, that in the template there is "a lot of illusion" although he did not hide that "they are always difficult" the changes like those that have to face the club this summer. "We are working to make a competitive team and fight for the whole next season, and we are very motivated in the dressing room with the future, that is important," he added.

Maybe that's why he wanted to insist that he wants to remain in the club when they insisted on the possibility of Chelsea recovering him because the English can not sign this summer. «I do not know, that's contracts, my thing is to put myself on the field to play. What is clear is what I want, I want to be here and I will do everything possible to continue playing here. I did everything in my power to come, and I will do everything in my power to stay. I do not think of going anywhere, just being here. I am happy, and I want to be all the years that I have left at the highest level here, "he said before recalling that" it is clear that I am on loan, but things are progressing well. " "If everything goes well they will go to a good port. There are things that we players have to be out of, they are negotiations and contracts. I did everything to come to Atlético and I will do it to stay, "he insisted.

Finally, when asked about the possibility that his former teammate Eden Hazard be announced as a player of Real Madrid after the final of the Europa League in Baku, he recalled that "he is one of the best players in the world and can fit well in any team" . "He can go to the team he wants, he is a top player and a top person, and in any team he would fit well," he assured.

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