More and more cases of echinococcosis

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More and more cases of echinococcosis © Pixabay

More and more cases of echinococcosis © Pixabay

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This parasitic disease, mainly carried by foxes, is spreading throughout Europe

Jean Ammann

Health “Experts speak of a” massive increase “: they say there are three times more cases of alveolar echinococcosis” than in the past “. And when was it “in the old days”? Was it when the foxes were fewer? When were there fewer immunocompromised people?

In an article published on the Swiss Medical Forum in September 2017, the authors describe the advancement of echinococcosis: “Over the past 10 – 20 years, we have witnessed a massive increase, both geographically and numerically, in the disease, with a strong extension of the endemic zone in Europe, in particular in the Netherlands, in Belgium, in Denmark, in the Baltic countries, in Poland, in Slovakia, in Romania and in Slovenia, as well as

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