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more deaths and less evidence

In Italy “there are more old people than in other countries and they also have a very intense social life, be it family or friends,” says Professor Roberto Burioni, microbiologist and virologist at the San Raffele in Milan, a center considered avant-garde in the country, although he assures that in Italy no older coronaviruses die than in other parts of the world. Remember that the first outbreak of infection occurred inside a hospital, a place frequented by older people.

The expert explains that the desire to quickly stop the epidemic made the Italian authorities they will start doing analysis to all people with suspected symptoms. The results indicated that many citizens would test positive, but have mild symptoms or are antisomatic, so they do not call hospitals or emergency numbers, although they continue to infect.

Once the Government found that “the people who are contagious are not clearly ill, but rather lead a normal life,” the Government decreed the almost total closure of the country and went on to “perform analyzes only on those who already had specific symptoms. The percentage of patients shot up & rdquor ;, he explains. Yesterday they reached a whopping 17,660 since the beginning of the crisis and the deaths are 1,266.

Figures in other countries

22% of the Italian population is over 65, while, for example, in South Korea they are only 15%. To this day, South Koreans have carried out 100,000 diagnostic tests (17,000 in Spain) on those over 75 years of age, which gave the number of 7,755 infected, of whom only 60 have died.

According to the Higher Institute of Health (ISS), in China mortality has been 3.9%, while in Italy it is already 6%. Germany puts 3,100 infected and seven deceased, while Spain, with 2,222 infected, the number of deceased yesterday was 121. In Italy, of the 1,266 dead until Thursday, 42.2% were over 80 years old , to which is added 32.4% with ages between 70 and 79. In other words, almost 75% of the deceased are elderly and elderly.


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